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Hello G's.

I usually dont want to get involved into series because i 'm easy to get addicted and for sure i will want to see lots of episodes quickly :))ha.

But because i to fill my daily fun time when i take a break from what i normally do i decided to try Californication and the infamous Hank Moodey.I looked at 1 season so i get make a quick profile on Hank and see how he games basically.

Leaving aside the fact that in the world of TV shows,women usually seem to make the first steps , i think the guy is a charming bastard and i wanted to know if any of you can relate to his laid-back style and also if using the situational tension can be in your favour and not always a big speaking output from our part.Hope that makes sense.

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Sure but how do you think you

Sure but how do you think you develop that capacity? He developed that presumably from his writing. As a writer I can tell you it does work. That's why guys that write up their fr's generally do a LOT better than those that don't. I also make all my guys do weekly write-ups on their outings and social interactions as well as a write-up on the training session. It increases the level of immersion and mental/emotional development massively. 


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You are sure on the spot with this one

I myself can relate to some part of that image because i do want to be a writer(and this is just a coincidence).I before i had the job and went serious about finishing my studies i had a blog and i could see that doing it poorly at first but being persisent helped me get better at it(like everything in life i guess).Right now i m working on balancing my worklife with my personal life and focus my attention on the things i know best.(But now more then i ever i will get back on track with my game because lately i had a big slack off  because i have fallen in the confortable trap of monogamy it feels like i lost one of my testicles :)) ).

Now i can see better that what you said in one of your videos that having passion in your craft and putting that on the top priority list does empower you and blasts all the self pitty or othe BS when it comes to women.

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This is true, I'd say the

This is true, I'd say the biggest difference in my process now as opposed to before (other than actual epxerience/skill) is that I ALWAYS force myself to do a break down, at the very least recount the night for myself with 3 things I did well/3 mistakes/3 lessons.

​I also will visualize atleast one scenario where I know I fucked up, but instead I play it forward with me taking the action that I felt I should have instead.


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