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In a ltr. Trying to develop my bedroom tactics. Read sex god method per mw advice. She mentioned us taping ourselves having sex a while back, I didnt jump on it then.
So she was videotaping me on her iphone playing like interviewing me about some stuff i was talking about - midi keyboards. She was just wearing a robe lazing out on the floor. We played with that for a few then I said lets make this more interesting and told her we are going to video her give me head. Did this for about three minutes. Made her feel really proud of herself and got her smiling and stopped it there. I just wanted to test the waters.
I put her on her stomach and peeled up her robe to play with her but she was already dripping. Then I said play it back and I started fucking her as we both watch her suck me. She turned it away a couple times I made her turn it back. It ended and we fucked for a while after. Happily.

Now the question... she deleted it right away and said it "disturbed" her. Did I miss something? Any others get a disturbed response to stuff like this?

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Way too high octane for a

Way too high octane for a girl to watch with a guy who's masculinity she doesn't trust intrinsically. She's on display, to that degree. Tell me, do you trust yourself with that content? That sort of power over a girl? What does she have at stake? What does it mean to her? 


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