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Help on improvements/what to do next girl from tinder -->date plus solid example of text game

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Hey guys so your boy has not been in the V in a while, and I finally made out with a girl that was up to my standards while sober for also the first time in a while. Looking for some advice/opinions on how stuff went down and what I can do next to make this interaction go well. Thanks. Here's to getting back out there... I think a lot of stuff in here is a good example of how to close on tinder too, so could be helpful for some

Tinder convo:

Me: There she is. What's up Taylor

Her: Hey (my name), nice to meet ya! I'm getting ready for work what's up with you?

Me: We would make a good team I am at work making the world healthier and you sexier boo ya. Distance high five!

Her: Lmfao your so funny That's awesome!!! Where are you from?

Me: (My town) where dreams come true

Me: How about yourself

Her: Haha (her town)

Didn't answer that night

Her: (next day): I hope you have a wonderful day

Me: Woah you're up early

Me: Do you like ice cream?

Her: We have a meeting prior to work today lol sleep good?

Her: Sure lol

Me: Good let's go get some after work!

Her: Aw I have to babysit after work :(

Her: Otherwise I'd love to 

Me: I actually slept like a baby last night

Me: When are you free

Me: Let's set up a meet for sugary ice cream treats

Her: I will have to get back to you on that but sounds good lol

Me: Busy weekend?

Me: I also know this great low cal ice cream I'd love to take you to

(I sensed she was a diet conscious type)

Her: Kinda I'll explain later and okay that's awesome you're so sweet

Me: (fri @ 8:50 am): How are the kiddies you babysit 

Her: (8:25 pm): Hey sorry they're great I sit for a few families but this family is my favorite (shhhh lol) they're awesome I love them so much How are you?!

Me: I am fabolous, went on a disastrous date last night, tell me about your busy weekend

Me: Any fun plans for halloween?

Her: Oh no really? I'm sorry

Her: And no just worked all day and I'm babysitting now hbu

Me: Yea would rather not talk about it actually, do you ever have fun or only work??

Her: That's fine and haha of course I have fun silly just lately I've been busy with work and school 

 What are you up to:)

Me: I went to the city last night for halloween. I'm just arising. Check out the view

Me: Send me your number

Her: Nice did you have a good time?!

       (Her number)

Convo successfully moves to text...

Me: (I sent her a pic from the view of my friends apartment which is looking over the East River and looks pretty dank)

Me: I had a great time these guys are hilarious

Her: Wow nice! How long are you staying there for?

Her: Oh with your friends? Lol

Me: Just hanging out here until the afternoon

Me: Yea 

Her: Cool are you a baseball fan did y'all go watch the mets game?

Me: (Sent a new pic with a much better camera angle, made the view look way better...)

Me: No we didn't good thing too since I heard they lost. I'm more of a basketball fan myself. How about you

Me: You wouldn't last long with that view around me

Her: Great shot!! (emoji with hearts for eyes) Yes they lost...I don't really keep up with anything once in a while I will but mostly football because my parents are giants fans but they play again tonight maybe they'll win :)

Her: Haha

Me: Haha yes. It took me a sec to hone my inner photographer but it came to me

Her: Haha I think it looks great! Any plans for later on?

Me: No actually. How about you?

Her: I actually have a really big test tomorrow for the state as part of my cosmetology license...I have to make sure I have everyting and go through the test I'm so nervouse it's three hours lol

Me: Oh gawd! Your're going to kill it. (insert supportive statement)

Me: What do you need

Her: Haha I hope your right and omg so much stuff it's the practical we have to have a "clean" and "dirty" labeled bins with 10 bags each labeled and hav certain things in each there's a lot to remember. Just can't wait for it to be over! Lol can you believe it's November already

Me: When do you find out if you pass

Her: They say it could take anywhere from 10 days up to two weeks and then next Monday I go for the written part lol

Me: It's movember baby 

Me: You ready for the writen exam

Her: Yes sir :)

Her: Lol

Me: Good girl

Her: Lol how's your day going so far josh

Me: Going now for some dim sum in nyc

Me: You dim sum you lose some

Her: Haha very niceee do you have class tomorrow

Me: Nawww I finished school this summer I have work

Her: Oh my bad I didn't realize Where are you working

Me: (orthopedic office where I work), I save lives woot woot

(I'm not actually a surgeon or I feel this might sound a bit arrogant haha)

Her: Oooo look at you (emoji with heart eyes)

Her: (4 hrs later): Have a wonderful night and a great day tomorrow

Me: (Monday 10 am): Yahh gl on your exam beb

Me: (Monday 8pm): Did ya knock it out of the park

Her: Lmfao sorry I'm at gymnastics and idk :/ we'll see lol my proctor was so nice compared to the others so that helped

Her: How you doin

Me: Let's celebrate your finishing the exam, remember that ice cream I wanted to take you to

Her: Haha I don't know if I passed yet!!

Me: Well your not gonna get any less hot if you don't so I say we do it anyway ;)

Me: Are you free tomorrow?

Her: Lmfao you're funny Tomorrow I have school 9-330 and an education class at my salon from 4-730 but after that I'm free

Me: What's better 8 or 830?

Her: I probably won't get home till 8 but 8-30 is fine whenever

Me: 830 it is girl, gotta get to bed, well talk about more deets tomorrow. Night ;)

Her: Okay me too goodnight sweetieee :)

Her: What's up there butt, looking forward to seeing you later

Her: Me too Sorry in class txt u when I can 

Her: (2 hrs later): Hey

Me: Hey hey

Me: What's doing, did ya fall asleep in class

Her: No lmfao

Her: Where do you want me to meet ya

Me: Carvel in xtown on x street

Her: Okay I'll txt u when I'm on my way 

Me: I'll be hiding in the bushes to scare you

Me: In the spirit of halloween (pumpkin emoji)

Her: Haha don't you dare :P I'm gonna leave in like 15 but my phone says 25 minutes so I'll be there 8:30 ish? (:

Me: Gotcha beb

So we met up shared ice cream, there was a lot of making out, I tried to put her and on my dick but she pulled away. We were in a car which sucked. I tried to get her to climb over on my seat but she wouldnt. I tried a few times to pick her up while making out but she told me she doesn't like to get picked up. I also said we had to take pics before she left so we took some selfies in my car and I told her to send em to me. She said she'd text me when she got home...

Her: I'm homee

Me: Thank gawdd snuggle yourself into bed you have an exam tmrw

Me: I had a good time tonight, I miss your lips, but one downside is I really wanted to pick you up

Her: Lol I figured out who you look like Have you ever seen Long Island Medium? Well you look like Theresa's son Larry. 

Her: (She sent the selfie of us)

Me:Who are those sexpots?!

I told her my pops shot her family portraits and that I dont believe in mediums, she said 'oh really? cool haha. Then I went to bed...

(next day)

Me: You did have an exam today riht

Her: Yes

Me: Kill it

Me: you have to follow drmiami on snapchat btw

Her: Lmfao I know everyone at school told me to also And thanks Ill try :)

Me: You were really mature for your age btw which I like but you're still my baby, save that for everyone else

Me: Aka you can still act like a baby around me* :)L (she is about 6 yrs younger than me so I teased her about being a baby on the date a bit)

Her: I'm not anyone's "baby" lol we're just friends right now

Me: Let me know how your exam goes

Me: Also I think we need to settle this dispute on whose faster, with a wager attached.

(we legit footraced on the date it was funny but I was barefoot and she was in these wierd boots)

Her: Lmfao your crazy

Me: Haha ;)

Her: I'm faster Obv...Lol jk

Me: Haha we will need to settle this in sneakers haha

Then she got cold still hasn't answered for a while

Getting late for me I will post some more later want to save this here for now

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A little confused about what

Thanks for the input. A little confused about what your saying in regards to the 'provider' thing, any specific texts your referring to? specific suggestions for the meetup etc? This meetup was fun/sexual but didn't go down right so that advice won't do it for me at this stage in my development aha There was a lot of makeout action some feeling up and she was telling me she didn't want to leave at the end of the date. Also she was so worried that I was going to delete her number and not txt her again.

Joined: 04/02/2015
I like what this girl brings

I like what this girl brings to the table on multiple levels so I'd really like to progress this further.