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I just downloaded Tinder and haven't practiced texting for a while. Trying to get back matched with a supercutie though I didn't have a pic on there but good profile.

I say "hey stranger"
she says : you are the stranger with no pics Im superficial need pics
i say : lame i know but i never take pics
she: im not getting a pic right good luck
me: aww really?
me: found on old one. look shittiest ever on there. my grandma thinks im cute (send her pic)" you should be spanked for your superficalness " i say too
she: dont worry youre cute
me: (i was like fuck by saying the grandma which was me trying to be jokey she saw as me with low selfesteem) no not new to online stuff....
her: (no rersponse)
me: how about that spank?
her: no reslonse

how do i rengage? any opener opinions? how do i seem fun....lost my touch...where can i her for a fun boring..


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Dude you need pictures on

Dude you need pictures on Tinder. 

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Take pictures and upload them

Take pictures and upload them dude. You're on troll notice 


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Joined: 08/15/2014
Manwhore wrote: Take pictures

Manwhore wrote:
Take pictures and upload them dude. You're on troll notice 

i know i know but i never take pics of myself and now i cant cause my face is swollen. need tonwait tl i look normal but everyone was talkin about tinder so i just got excited to try.

what is troll notice?

but she saw a pic that why she said "dont worry u cute"
she knows what i look like what can i say to reengage?