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What up, what up !!! 

Alright guys.... It's time for me to get shit on a whole new level. So I'm back on the forums haha.....

My goals are as follows!!!! 

Absolute fucking abundance.....

I want to be attracting and sleeping with the absolute hottest girls.... 8's and 9's!!! I want to meet really incredible girls who are downright awesome and who I have amazing times with...... 

I want to sleep with 1-2 new sexy bishes a week. And build a roster that would make Dan Bilzerian jealous haha...

And yes, I'd like to build in some threesomes in there too ! 

To do this... I'm going to be hitting up tinder a lot.... And going out to bars two nights per week to game hard. Then I'll set up two dates per week with new girls...And then just meet up with girls that I've hooked up with before when I want.....

So it will look something like this 

Thursday and Friday = Hitting up the bars 

Tuesday and Saturday = Dates with new girls (that I met or got off tinder)

Monday, wednesday or sunday = bang girls that i've already banged


Bonus will be doing some day game action 1-2x per week for a couple hours... But this is something that I haven't really made work.... 

That's all she wrote really..... I'm a quality guy. I want to meet a super hawt girl that I think is awesome. And then meet a few more of them.... I don't get a ton of gratification out of jus sticking my penis in any decent looking girl.

I want the girls that make me look twice and get me excited ! 

Anyways, I'll be sharing updates and progress on here!!!!! 

This past week has been pretty fucking good 

Met up with a few girls.... Fucked one... It was super hawt.. And pushd it until the bitter end.... The other girls i got close but not shebang! 

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Joined: 05/20/2013
OH yeah !!!!  And I'll be

OH yeah !!!! 

And I'll be doing a little bit of drill training each day :)

I'm thinking 3 minutes of vocal drills each morning....... And some tolle action for 20 minutes a few times per week. I'd also like to build some more lifestyle activities....

Like create little badminton parties at my place.... Or weekly dinner....

And maybe even create a mindful group or something.

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The Force is Strong With this

The Force is Strong With this One.


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Awesome.  Always good to hear

Awesome.  Always good to hear about guys pushing it to really elite levels in the game.  You should def meet my buddy who has 69 lays this year, he's probably one of the top dudes in Toronto right now.

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Tolle.... Put us in touch man

Tolle.... Put us in touch man :)