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This girl is a 19 year old hottie from Spain I super-matched with on Tinder.  A lot of my interactions are ending like this, anything stand out as really bad?  

Me: (middle finger emoji)

Me: You have a penguin?! I happen to have a baby seal, we should set them up with a play date

Her: (middle finger)

Her: Oh my

Her: Yes!!!

Me: Good deal miss poppers

Me: So how's your Tuesday going XXX?      -I really dislike this looking back at it.  It's actually awful.  Should have went with something like "your penguin better behave or I'll have to spank it"  

Her: It's going pretty good, what about yours?

Me: No ground was gained on that response.  Let me try and pick up the slack for yah dork (thanks PB)

Me: My day has been great! Working, hanging with some friends, eating good food, overall awesome day

Her: Uuuh oh wow HAHAHA actually my day was so bad

Her: That's why I'm not that expressive

Me: Lol was kidding obviously, although you're still a dork (monkey emoji) -this sucks too and I should've just skipped it.  I think even saying "wow you really are a dork" would have worked much better.  

Me: I've heard that ice cream and witty banter can cure any problem

Me: So the only solution here is for us to get some

Her: Its such a good idea (ice cream emoji)

Me: It really is.  So when are you free? -Her message was my queue to get her number.  Normally I'd just go with "Cool, so what's your number, I'll text you tomorrow"  but I've been getting a lot of numbers lately that aren't leading to dates, so I'm experimenting with setting more of a date up on Tinder itself before getting the number.  Thoughts on this?  

(She doesn't respond so I message her the next day)

Me: Thanks for ignoring me loser (middle finger)

Her: Oh shit

Her: I'm so sorry!!! I forgot

Her: (middle fingers)

Me: Lol ok so when are you making it up to me?

Me: I'll accept bribes of ice cream or qdoba

Her: Mmmm I'll think about it


Normally I'd just sit on this and wait for her to say something.  I'd have a few cases where they say "I'll think about it" and when you ignore them they end up chasing you like a half hour later.  This girl did not lol.  


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Zero empathy.

Zero empathy.


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