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Homework on the first date? How to not come across as provider

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So I met this chick at the club, pulled outside and started making out but then her dad came to pick her up.

I set up a date the next day and then she hits me up asking for homework help on our "date" lol. I always struggle with this type of shit. Not sure if teaching her trigonometry would put her in a logical headspace and fuck with the sexual vibe. Also, I don't wanna come across as too provider or accommodating.

I also tried to introduce a teacher / sexy student roleplay element but it clearly to proceed with this? 

MW I know you're pretty good at deconstructing stuff so get in here lol

Girl - 1 hr 41 mins later: Ugh do you know trig? Im failing :-/ 

Me - 1 min later: Ha piece of cake :) .. Bring it tmrw 

Girl: Really!! Omg your amazing im behind though :-/ like its bad haha 

Me: What kind of questions exactly 

Me: Gimme an example 

Girl - 3 mins later: Well the first chapter that i failed an have to relearn basically is like y=A sin (omega x - phi)+B hard to txt it lol 

Me - 13 mins later: That's a sine wave graph.. I 

Me: I can explain it to you lol 

Me: You can be my naughty student lmao... 

Girl - 32 mins later: Lmao sounds good to me! 

Girl - 27 mins later: I appreciate u helpin me with this 

Me - 2 hrs 36 mins later: No problem beb 

Girl: :) 

Me - 14 mins later: Since I'm your teacher I may need some favors if you want to pass my trig class :d 

Girl - 4 mins later: Oh really like what 

Me - 8 mins later: Use your imagination beb ;) 

Girl - 2 mins later: I dont have a very big imagination haha we will talk about it tomorrow after u help me catch up 

Me - 26 mins later: Damn... Lol ok sounds good 

Girl - 3 mins later: Lol 

Me - 15 hrs 10 mins later: Hey dress cute tonight so we match :) 

Girl - 54 mins later: Dress cute? Lol omg 

Me - 57 mins later: Haha 

Me - 1 hr 36 mins later: Hey I might be late tonight.. Still finishing up work 

Girl: Ok just let me know what time 

Me - 20 mins later: Yeah I'll let you know 

Girl - 4 mins later: Ok if its late maybe u can help me with my math saturday or sunday or smthing cuz it may take a while for me to catch up haha 

Me - 2 mins later: I shouldn't be late lol what's your bedtime? 

Girl - 6 mins later: I dont im just tired and know its going to take alot of effort and time 

Me - 1 min later: I can help you for a bit lol then top it off with Mario Kart 

Me - 2 mins later: I mostly wanted to hang with you tho 

Girl: Yeah haha i just really need help with trig 

Girl - 19 mins later: Just remember it takes me 30 min to get there 

Me - 3 mins later: Ok cool 

Girl - 15 mins later: Shit i totally forgot i told my mom id help her with dinner and decorating is it ok if we reschedule to saturday after work ?? Ill just have to try to skate through my trig class tomorrow 

Me - 3 mins later: Ya no worries I can't make it Saturday tho 

Girl: Shoot what day works for you 

Me - 3 mins later: I didn't realize this was a tutoring sesh lol 

Girl - 1 min later: Well we r gunna hang out too lol half tutoring half mario cart ... I mean if thats kewl i could really use the help 

Girl - 11 mins later: And ill find a way to repay you

Not sure how to respond...

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Go fuck yourself. 

Go fuck yourself. 


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Lol not sure if that's for me

Lol not sure if that's for me or chick o____O

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"help for homework" is code

"help for homework" is code for "come fuck me"

I was in this situation the other day. Had an english professor from OKC come help me with my paper. Didn't even bother pulling the books out, banged her 30 minutes after she showed up.

Joined: 09/10/2012
Hahaha...ya looking at my

Hahaha...ya looking at my texts I realize how gey I'm being. It's weird what not going out for a week can do to you...