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Hey! whatup G's

I need some help with getting this girl out. Met her in the club and talked a bit, made out. Brought her and her friend to my friends to meet them. We sat down and she sat on my lap, we talked some more and then I told her to let's go dance again. She's 18 and she was like seeking permission from her friend all the time (who's the same Told her friend we'd be back in a minute. Danced again on the dancefloor and grinded a bit. 

This girl was in a fucking amazing tight dress with her boobs popping out and dat ass of course. She gave me a boner and I grinded it on her a bit turned her around and made out again. She sucked at making out lol, like she would fucking bite my shit all the time.

Anywho after a few seconds I brought her to a little darker side of the dance floor and lifted her dress up a bit and fingered her a bit over her panties while making out. This went on for a few seconds after she was like I gotta go to my friend.

Went there and told the friend we would be leaving in 15 minutes by taxi because there was no bus going. 

They agreed to come with us, found a taxi and they were cool. It was me, my buddy and the 2 girls in the taxi. We dropped her friend off at her house and went towards ours. Made out a bit in the taxi and I was trying to get her to come with us but she was like no blablabla. Told her we should meet up later this week she's like yeah you got my number.

Btw this girl paid for the whole taxi ride LOL. wtf I was like let's split it she was like no it's okay LOLOL

So now the question is, this girl does not really have much to say over text so I wanna know how to get her out to meet me.

Me: Yo Anna from Helsinki

Me: It's me ;)

Her: Ahahahah yeeaah

Me: I'm still in (club)

Me: Come to the dancefloor

Her: Yeah soon

Her: I'm in wc

Me: Ok text me where you're there

Her: Im here now

This part is later after I got home

Me: Hopefully you didn't get scammed this time by the taxi (she told me a story of how she got scammed somewhere by a taxi driver before)

Her: Ahahah (laughing emojis) no :p it was only 45 euros

Her: But now I'm falling asleep, so good night

Me: Alright talk to you soon!

Her: Alright Alright :p (I said Alright alright in a funny way a lot during the convo)

The next day

Me: you crazy girl hahah (laughing emoji)

10 hours later

Me: Yo! what you up to

Her: Going home, so tired

Me: Oh so you are in the neighbourhood (She lives kinda near me)

Me: *sent her this awesome pic I'd just taken of the view from my balcony, it's really awesome*

Me: Oh man check this view :o

Her: thumbs up emoji, ok sign emoji          <---------wtf this girl is talking in emojis...

3 hours later

Me: you got snapchat? add me *name*

1 Day later she still hasn't read the message or added me on snapchat

Me: Hey Anna stop making it rain! (it was raining outside)

Her: 2 laughing emoji's..... (MAN FUCK THIS)

Me: Glad it stopped now

Me: But hey let's meet up monday at 6 o clock and eat strawberries together (she'd told me she sold strawberries in a market)

Ok so she still hasn't read the last message, I'm getting the feeling that either this girl is really shy (she's 18) over text or just doesn't know how to type in english.

What would be a good way to still get her out and make this happen, because I really wanna fuck this girl and I know I can if I just get her out.

Thanks a lot! :)


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As soon as I read you

As soon as I read you fingered her and didn't fuck her I knew she would be a flake.

Mystery talks about this. A big component of female sexuality that they need is plausible deniability. This allows them to say it was your fault it happened because if they don't then they have to take responsibility and risk the label of being called a slut which lowers their social status and social status is huge to women. Consider the way it's set up is very hard for her to be able to rationalize that "it just happened".

This happened to me. I'm fingering and making out with a girl I had met 10 mins prior, she tells me all this different shit about her life very open. Tells me we'll hang out next day after her graduation ceremony. Next day zero response. Same any time I hit her up after. It's kinda fucked up how easily and quickly women will discard you and disregard your existence as a human being when you fuck it up and they say men are the ones objectifying the other sex lol. Though she is at least responding so at least you've got that.

It's worth trying anything for the learning experience but I would say the bigger takeaway is what to do next time so you don't have this issue. Maybe MW has another perspective on it, I'd be curious to see what he has to say about this and what to do.

So what I learned from that experience, I changed it up a bit and a week ago was making out with a girl but this time she was trying to reach into my shorts to jerk me off and me being the one pulling back and stopping it from being too sexual too quickly. Also when I hit her up she was much more responsive and had she not had work that night she would have met up with me. But full disclosure it might also be she was a different type of girl than most girls too.

What I did differently was escalate and then pull back and avoid making it too sexual the whole time. Also instead of trying to finger her I had her touch my boner through my pants and then pulled back. It got her so turned on she was trying to reach into my shorts to jerk me off right in the corner of the dance floor. Also throughout the interaction I would ask her things about herself and then find something about her on a personality level I enjoyed or appreciated about her and told her I liked it and that in particular I find that attractive about her compared to other girls. Basically I was trying to make sure when she thought of me she would be able to rationalize she wasn't a slut because we didn't go too far but that I also was genuinely attracted to her unique personality. I mentioned getting coffee/smoothie in the future to try to lock it in for a future meetup. That was until very shortly after I invited her for smoothies all these details my brain had recorded hit me and I realized this girl was the exception to most girls and that her and her friends had come out to actively get dick and take dudes home lol. Like prob the type of girls that look at the word slut as being positive.

What I would do differently next time is 2 steps forward 1 step back. When hooking up, stop, pull back ask her about herself or notice little things about her and tell her you like that about her. Maybe challenge her and try to get her to qualify herself to get her to invest and further set the frame that you're the judger/validator in the dynamic. Prize your dick and have her escalate on you instead of trying to touch her pussy. And plant seeds ahead of time that will give her plausible deniability about you ending up at her house or her at yours. For example in the cab ride back you could have off handedly mentioned you really have to pee which would give you an excuse to go into her place before walking back to your house or something. Also if you've already set the frame the whole night that you're trying to keep it from getting too sexual its much easier to give her plausible deniability for whatever excuse you give her. Basically it just can't be so obvious that you're going to fuck her cause most girls aren't that honest with themselves. That's my take on it but I suspect guys who've had more coaching from MW might have a much different perspective or maybe not. What's your guys take on this?

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From Mystery Method

From Mystery Method book:

Once interest has been generated, the Game has only begun. In fact, it is a common mistake to think that attraction gets the girl. She must become *invested * in this interaction, and then rapport must be established. Attraction is useful--to bait her into investing. Other than that, attraction is but a vapor. She might be making out with you tonight, but that doesn't mean she'll return your calls tomorrow. We must now work to harness the initial attraction to get her to [demonstrate a positive quality about herself aka qualify herself] so that we may give her indicators of interest towards her.

It could be said that attraction is only a tool. (To essential bait her into qualifying herself so that you can then reward her investments with a compliment).

Some cool shit, I'm kind of bummed I went so long not reading this bc of all the "it makes you a robot" bullshit. There's so much really pimp shit broken down really simply and clearly.

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You seemed pretty desperate

You seemed pretty desperate in these texts. A girl needs to see that you are in abundance nad that you have value. You made her the shiny toy of the club. Basically you were acting in your feminine and she needs a guy who is in his masculine.


Big Cat

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ClosingIsAHabit wrote: As

ClosingIsAHabit wrote:
As soon as I read you fingered her and didn't fuck her I knew she would be a flake.

Yup, happened to me several times. Fingered girls on the dancefloor but no investment from their part so they flaked because i didn't fuck them :/

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Dude the whole book is the

Dude the whole book is the shit. It breaks down every emotional space a woman needs to move through in what order, what strategies to deal w her shit tests or get her to comply when she's resisting you, what needs to be done when you do xyz. How to connect all these different strategies to build compliance momentum. It's like a manual for the whole seduction process. I heard it makes you robotic and what not and I can see that if you focus too much on strategy but even that he warns against by saying take this without going overboard and over analyzing everything.

He breaks down conversational structures for dealing with shit test or a girl showing lack of compliance/resistance and how to overcome it. Just by reading it and then researching different examples of what he's talking about I've already naturally noticed myself including it into my interactions at work today with a palpable shift in the interactions, included much more push/pull into my interactions. I had always thought of these things in a bad light like it was manipulative or making people feel small but really it just makes people crack up and feel more rapport.

It's really cool I feel like different parts of my emotional/social intelligence part of my brain waking up and becoming aware of all these other layers to interactions that before I could only intuitively access when in the right mood and without much conscious understanding and I'm also noticing all these higher levels of understanding I had just been completely blind to starting to kick in. Even helped with dealing with my mom today. She will often ask me leading questions in a particular tone which are basically annoying and antagonizing and triggers me to get angry and become impatient. I had re-read the section on hoop theory earlier today and I just knew how to handle it intuitively and the whole conversation was avoided. I also started to see how I naturally do this in some circumstances and how I and my friends are unconsciously running structures Mystery talks about for compliance either in our personal life or at work and the different results it produces. I highly recommend this book it breaks all these phenomenon into a science. But the real bool not the shitty Venutian Artist pdf you can find online that one is shit compared to the paperback.

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^ This fag. 

^ This fag. 


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