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Hot Text Game Leaving You With Blue-balls (Reader Discretion is Advised)

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So this is a story all about how my dick got twisted upside down and I'd like to take a minute so just sit right there, I'll tell you all about how I sexted a hottie in a country called Serbia....from 5000mi away

Damn that was an anticlimatic jingle...

The day I was leaving Serbia, I matched with this hottie on tinder. :(

Me: Govorite delfin? (Do you speak dolphin?)

Me: Moj delfin je sranje (My dolphin sucks)

Me: Lol sam mislio Serbian! Govorim English (Lol I meant Serbian! I speak English)

Her: Hahahahahahaha

Her: (crying laughing emoji)

Her: Yeah, I speak Serbian

Me: Geezus, google translate has been screwing me over all day

Me: No wonder people were giving me weird looks lol

Her: Don't ever believe to google translate haha

Her: Why do you care, it doesn't matter :D

Me: Hows your day going babe?

Subtle shit test. I avoid.

Her: Pretty well, and yours? :)

Me: It was good. Toured the city all day and headed back home now

Me: kinda regretting I didn't have a cute green-eyed serbian blonde showing me around ;)

Initiating the *you and me dynamic

Her: Aww too bad (Upside down smiley face)

Me: Just leave and come with me. I hear green cards are all the rage these days lol

*Escalating the *you and me dynamic* while also making a funny judgement call on cultures.

Her: You left Serbia? god damn it

Me: I know pumpkinbutt :( at the airport

Her: Are you coming soon? :(

Me: Maybe, can my girl cook? ;)


Her: What would you like? :P

Me: I fell in love with Burek while I was here. If you made that, you would be my special princess

Qualification. Setting the hoop and standard for her winning me over.

Her: Hahah, I can try to make it (monkey covering eyes(

Me: You're adorable :) boarding the plane, txt you when I land princess

Me: Shoot me your fb name so I can add you

Give her the approval if she meets the expectation. Move the interaction forward.

Her: grazie bel reggazo :))

Her: (name)

Her: It's easier with a link :P (link)

I land. Add her on fb and immediately start chatting on there after going through her profile. Yes, she is hot. Hooray!

Me: If I'm taking you home to the states, you're going to have to show off your smile more. You look so serious in all your photos girl

Opened while keeping the *you and me* roleplay going while simultaneously setting up another qualification as a tease using content from her profile that she obviously knows as well.

Her: Hahahahaha that made me laugh (crying laughing emoji)

Her: I don't look so good with a smile on the pics :/

Me: Why do you care, just be you. I like that dorky smile ;)

Throwing her shit test right back at her BUT making her feel empowered by her insecurities. Keep your women strong. She needs you as the anchor.

Me: Especially when its clumsily trying to figure out how to cook Burek. Lol just dont burn my house down, k babe?

And then bringing back the *cooking roleplay* from tinder and coupling it with a light tease at her abilities.

Her: That's me a basic bitch (crying laughing emoji)

Her: I told you, i'm gonna give my best to make you smile :)

Me: And i'll come up behind you, wrap my arms around your waist, and pull you in against me. Interrupting you while you bumble around in the kitchen

Cue sexting - I use MWs as a segway then take it in my own direction.

Me: Whispering in your ear, "You know what makes me smile"

Her: Ooh...I'd have to stop cooking for a while then and punish you for interrupting me ;)

This girl is actually adorable.

Me: I had a feeling those devious little eyes were up to something

Me: Then i slide my arms under your legs and pick you up and set you down on the counter. Lean down and softly bite into your neck as I curl you up into me

Her: Hm

Her: As you're kissing my neck I slide my hand down and unubtton your pants?

Idk why she put a question mark lol.

Me: Hm i'd let you do that

Me: Press you legs down firmly...and run my hand up between your thighs as I warmly kiss your sweet little lips

Her: My body is filled wtih warmth through your lips and your touch

Her: I softly moan and open my legs for you in desire

Wow, not bad.

Me: Pin your arms to your side so you can't get away from me. Hold you against me as I feel your lil hips tucked against mine and slowly take off those sexy panties you wear only for me

Her: Even though your grip is strong I manage to wiggle out and playfully kiss you and wander off to the bathroom looking you straight in the eye seductively

Ok I'm seriously falling for this girl.

Me: I give you a sly smile and bite my lip as my eyes move down to watch that cute lil ass of yours dance away

Me: I say to you, in a way that makes your eyes light up and body feel secure to the man whose staring at you so lustfully, "Hey Princess, i'll see you in the bedroom in 5...Don't make me wait"

Her: I come in to the bedroom and see your eyes full of lust...and my eyes meet yours and the lust grows stronger. I lay next to you, kissing you gently as I'm making my way lower and lower, stopping at your unzipped pants

Her: Honestly you make me so horny and then it takes you so long to respond and I get cold (sighing emoji)

Me: Baby i get busy. But you and all the things I'm going to do to you are running in the back of my mind.

Letting her know I do care but have other things going on.

Me: I lay back and watch my girl make her way down my body and stop short. I get more and more aroused as I realize how she's teasing me and can't help but smile at her lil tricks and treats

^These last few sexts are called "vibing". Don't always try to take control and dominate. Let her please you as well. This relates to banter as well. You can get a solid understand what kind of sex you'll have with a girl by how she sexts and in your banter and back and forth . I can already see that when we fuck, there's going to be a mutual understanding of 50-50 and that we'll be teasing and playing a lot.

Her: Since you're busy now you'll have to make it up to me when we do get a chance to play irl like this :)

Her: Since you've seen my lil tricks and treats, I wanna see what you've got :P

That's my cue for DOMINATION.

Me: I gently grab you by your neck while your perfect lips are near my crotch and tilt your chin up to me, giving you that look with a sly grin from above so you know what's about to come next

Me: I roll you over on your back and get on top of you, pinning you down with one hand. I glide my fingers down that beautiful silky smooth body as I stare deep into your eyes, inspecting every nook and cranny with little bites and kisses until I come down to the surprise you have waiting for me down below.

Me: I take a glance at your pretty lil pussy, shaped just the way I like it. I go towards it...but stop short so you can only feel my breath hovering over. I look up and say, "Beg for it babe"

I keep an almost silly vibe towards the end by throwing back her little tease of "stopping" at my unzipped pants right back at her.

Her: God damnit

Her: I look at your pretty little face and grab your hair saying make me beg for it

Her: I wrap my legs around you so you can't escape :P

Lol ya ok I really like this girl.

Me: I grab you by your waist and push it in towards my tongue and lick your delicious pussy up and down, left and right, taking it anyway I want to. Alternating between kisses and licks as I hear you moan louder and louder with each passing lick. You've got the cutest screams girl ;)

Her: You're taking me there, your tongue is magic. I'm cumming in no time, faster than ever and louder than ever

Me: I climb back up on top and grab your chin forcing you in my direction so you can stare deep down from your beautiful green eyes into mine as you cum like never before. I gently kiss your lips, giving you a second to catch your breath

Her: After I catch my breath, i roll you over so that I'm on top of you. I proceed down to your special package...I open the delivery and I already feel its warmth through the pants on my face..I pull you clothes down and take it in my hand. I softly move it up and down as I soak it with my tongue.

Her: My tongue is all over the top, and my hand is moving up and down

Her: I kiss it and put it in my mouth, going deeper and deeper til I can't go anymore

Her: My eyes start watering, but, believe me, I'm enjoying it more than you do ;)

Holy shit. I'm in love

*Hour or two later

Me: Damn i'd love every second of you working your mystically sweet mouth on my cock. I just may have to buy an early ticket back to my mischevious little serb ;)

Me: But its been a hella long day princess. I'm gonna crash. Txt me in the morning when you get this. Nighty night.

*Next morning

Her: Good morning hun :)

Me: Morning babe, how was your day yesterday

*She reads the msg but doesn't respond. After 4 hours I send this as a joke

Me: Guess I fucked you too hard last night, you can't even type anymore

Her: I was at fucking school :P

Me: You don't need school girl. I know how you can get an A+ from me ;)

Me: Do you study at an university

*7hours later

Her: Hmmm, I've already got it ;)

Her: I'm going to finish high medical school this year

*Next day

Me: I don't remember giving you an A+...maybe you should freshn my memory missy

Me: Ha cool I used to be on the med track

Her: I'll let you know in person :P

Her: And what is your experience?

Me: General med, but it wasn't what I wanted to do with my life so I left and travelled the world

Me: Livin on the edge lol

Her: Haha ooh living dangerously, nice :P

Me: Ya im so dangerous, I pour the milk out first, THEN the ceral

Me: Wbu princess, or should I say, Dr ;)

Her: I'm not a bad ass like you, i pour the cereal in first, then the milk :P

Me: No silly I meant with medical school

Her: I know what you meant but there is not much to comment about that really :P

Me: *cough cough. I have a disease and need to be nursed back to health doctor

Me: *cough cough. ...That only a naughty pic of you can cure

Her: Do you want to see my big cock? (licking her face smiling emoji with a rooster)

Me: Is it shaped like a vagina, cause then I'd have to oblige

*No response

A lot happened in the end that you may not recognize if you haven't gone through this before. What I tried to do towards the end was 'establish' a bit of normalcy in our interaction. Often times, after you sext with a girl, and you keep trying to go that route past its mark, she'll think you just want sex and she'll feel slutty. In my case, a meetup wasn't possible (which is always your better option) so I went for a more chill vibe. I would've kept the sexting going a little further or even tried to get a dirty pic but I was too late in sending my response.

Towards the end, I jokingly went for the dirty pic and I can tell my last "shaped like a vagina" response didn't go through well with her. Actually, something feels a bit off towards the end. I feel as if I was "trying" too hard to establish normalcy instead of just letting it happen and play around. Almost like I'm qualifying myself to her that "YA! I can be normal too! Don't leave! You're sexting was stellar!". 

I was thinking about sending a re-engagement txt to get her to respond BUT I realized that would be counterintuitive. 

1. Sending a re-engagement text to get her to respond to my "vagina" line would keep this "try hard" vibe going and "forced normalcy" vibe as well. I don't want that

2. It would also make it hard to progress further into the interaction because of it

3. What's the point? I don't know when my next trip to Serbia is lol

A better option would be to:

1. Send a re-engagement txt later establishing the precendent from our convo before and during the sexting. Ex: "Hey, I was just thinking about you...". Maybe a week or even a month or EVEN months later. Ofcourse you don't want her to forget about you, that's why creating a swanky lifestyle is of paramount importance. You'll be fresh on her mind in bursts every now and then.

2. Let her re-engage me. You'd be surprised. If you play your cards right and post some dank shit on your Fb, I could see her msging me first

Anywho, THIS is a full-text convo showing you a transition from tinder game to fb/number close. Then, creating a *you and me* dynamic to stem/seed meetup ideas and sexuality. If a girl is in proximity to you, hardstop the sexts and go for the meetup. Hell, I didn't even need the sexts and I could've went for it. BUT, can you see exactly how much sexting helped me?

Instead of a date, I could've gotten her address or invited her, fucked her, and then had her cook me Serbian dishes in the morning....and then dated her and then marriage because I'm seriously in love....

*sniffle sniffle

I just want my eastern european girls to cuddle and cook with :(

I also broke it down further to show you guys HOW I qualify, tease, roleplay, sext, fuck stuff up, and even how I would recover from such a thing. 

A full break-down, and analysis.

You're welcome ;)

Thoughts, comments, suggestions? 

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sexy stuff my nig

sexy stuff my nig

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The part where you want her

The part where you want her to drop out of college and just earn her A+'s from her.. makes you come across like you're trying to pimp her out. You wouldn't really want her to respond positively to that, would you? 

Instead yes reward her, but do it in a moral/ethical way, while still using your sexuality as the prize. And not just claiming it either then simply settling for old-fashioned sex. Really rock her socks and blow her mind. 


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