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The word "break up" is inappropriate here, because nothing serious has happened yet, but anyway how do you "break up" with a girl you banged if she is into you ( like sending messages, invites to hang out, general vibe) ?

Recently I had a couple of girls I met online, hanged out with her once or twice, banged, but after sex I don't really want to see her again, cause the sex was not that good. But these girls are into me and I'd like it to be in the less painful way to a girl, so she doesn't feel like a slut.

My way of doing it, is "fading away": like responding slowly, non commital short responses, posponing meet ups etc.

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That's basically what I do as

That's basically what I do as well. The problem with making a breakup too much of a "thing" is that you're invariably burning bridges. Yes there are ways of handling it so you poke her ego enough so she keeps pursuing but obviously that's not what you're going for here. 


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