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I am going to assume this sort of talk is not legitimate but either way I do not know how to handle this lol...

me: Hey what's up there awesome sauce!

her: So how's the quest of finding the love of your life on tinder?

me: Not. Working. outt.

her: Why's that?

me: All these people just want me for my booty

her: I hate when that happens!

her: Like peoople getting you flowers in hopes you'll put out

me: Pfft nobody gets me flowers >:-( (angry face)

me: So what chu up to on this lovely Saturday night on LI

her: Well I would get you some but I gotta know that you'll put in the work tonight

her: Lol I'm all cozy in bed watching crime shows wbu

The convo continues, but she starts getting a bit more difficult and I wanna know what you guys think about from here. Is there a way to turn this into ze sex?

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Of course.

Of course.


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This girl is clearly dtf.

This girl is clearly dtf. Based on past references you need to do some qualification/disqualification aka push/pull. If she's being difficult you should be a bit difficult. Buyers frame. Keep it light and make her earn the D. And make sure to keep the sexual vibe going - don't shy away from the naughty stuff but, don't go overboard and turn it into sexting either. She's already watching crime shows and cozy in bed. Pitch the meetup w/ some netflix and chill. Blame her for putting dirty images in your head of her in bed, etc. Lots to work off of.