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I can't remember who I've told which stories to, who I was with on which night, what bars I've been to.  This is getting bad.  The girls know I'm seeing other girls and its not exclusive but it sucks when I shoot myself in the foot.  This one was giving me shit for being super tired last night.  The night before I passed out on my brother's couch, but the night before that I was up til 4am boning the polish chick.  I forgot who I was talking to and almost said something about being up til 4am.

Also I am losing track of text threads and message threads on apps.

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Hahaha Just do the excel


Just do the excel sheet, or a word document. Do each write up and then put it on one main sheet as a hyperlink. That way you just click on the one you want with the title you're referring to and it'll open up into another tab. 


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do you mean make an excel

do you mean make an excel sheet with everything you've talked about with each grl? lmao that's like more work than the actual pursuits....

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Never dated many girls at

Never dated many girls at once, but when I 'fucked up' it never was that bad.

Once I asked a girl to tell me more about her Egypt trip or sth. She told me she's never been  to Egypt before and it was an other girl. I was like hm.. yeah maybe. whatever....

The very similar looking girl who's been to Egypt became my girlfriend. She'd found a blond hair in my bed, and being brunette herself had some questions.. I told her I have no idea whose hair it is, it does not make sense to me... The whole thing was over in 6 minutes, and never came up again.

So yeah, keep some notes it helps, and even if you say something twice or 'stupid' you can solve it. It is basically just a forced shit test imo.