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Pickup Coaching
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I am a student in college, I have been stopping random chicks at campus, I prefer to do day game since there is a large number of chicks around campus. Recently I have engaged in conversations with random chicks on campus. Most part of the conversation goes well but I usually forget to ask for the phone number.

What are some of the best day game number closes.

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"We should *fun activity*

"We should *fun activity* sometime, put your number in my phone"

Can't remember an ocassion when a girl didn't give me her number. But  don't just leave as soon as you get the number, it should be about you and her not the number.

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It's not necessarily creepy

It's not necessarily creepy though.

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Go and "game" girls, guys,

Go and "game" girls, guys, old ladys, dogs.....

Become a social guy

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1. How big is your college?

1. How big is your college? Be mindful of that if you have a small school that word travels fast.

2. Getting laid in college is sooo much easier than outside. Based on what you've written I don't think you understand this even though there's another post already on this or why. A big part of it being easier is social proof. Keep approaching and then invite out socially and take the advice given to Meow on the other thread.