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Gawd damn it's been a busy ass 3 months since I last contributed anything to the forum.

Honestly though, is basically a perma-tab in chrome, I lurk like a motherfucker. My contributions are few and far between and I know it. But I love that I can draw inspiration/knowledge from all of you. I'll give back soon, I'm on it.
I felt like I needed to post though, because whether I like the advice at the moment or not- whether it's MW cutting straight to the bone of the issue or whosoever throwing some knowledge my way- I'm always given new perspective when I do. And it's almost always actionable.
So here's the scope: I've been noticing some patterns emerging in my game... both positive and negative... now that I've finally got my monkey brain understanding the concept of actually pulling the trigger. There's one pattern in particular that I'd really like to get a handle on. I'll use the most recent girl as context, since it's basically similar (if not identical) shit happening each time.
No idea whether the tinder convo is relevant, so I skipped it.

To sum it up, I leave her my number on tinder because I had to switch the phone off at work, we'd been vibing and I'd asked prior, so it was a solid call- She texts me:

Her: Hey. It's *name*

Her: Chat soon x

Me: ;)


The next day I'm at work, about an hour before quitting time. We text it up.

Her: Hey

Me: Gawd, I'm just about ready to sprint out of the office doors. Ey, how're you doing ?

Her: Im good. Just got back home. Boring lectures today

Me: Ha, passionate student you are

Me: I know the feeling

Me: Home sounds like a sweet deal. Where's home for you

Her: *yazoo*

Me: Hahah, the loveable gay guy of the office lives in the *yazoo*

Me: He's in love with it

Her: Really?

Her: It's all gray. Concrete everywhere

Me: Brutalist.

Her: Grey

Me: Bit like marmite. Not for the faint of heart

Me: Haha, lady, London is grey.

Me: Until you see it at night.

Her: True

Her: Then it's blue an orange

Her: Especially near around the Thames

Me: Exactly. I love the night's in London. Different city.

Me: Not bad on a sunny day either

Her: Every city it's different. But I agree with u. London is at its best at night

Her: Yup

Her: I'm front of my uni we have some pavement fountains (dunno how to call them). In the sunny days families with kids and dogs come there to play

Her: and it's in front of the canal. Nice :)

Me: Haha, you are definitely a little people watcher.

Me: Bet you invent stories for them, too

Her: It's part of my work watching people

Her: More than inventing stories I invent movies for them.

Me: Awesome.

Me: Do you carry a little pocket book, write down your observations?

Me: Or is it all kept in that vault on top of your neck

Her: I have a notebook

Her: Sometimes I write on my hands or in the phone notes

Me: Haha

Me: Picturing you scribbling a storyboard on your arm.

Me: Very cool, I like that.

Her: Haha. My hands r mostly for little notes. Or drawings when I'm bored. They never last long cos I wash my hands. Obviously

Her: :)

Me: Ha, take photos, I'd definitely spend some time: looking at a gallery of skin scribbles.

Her: Do u draw? U r an architect right?

Me: Yep, I was drawing WAY before I was ever an architect

Me: I never draw architecture outside work. I've always been more into illustration

Her: That's cool. Like doodles?

Her: When I was younger I was quite into illustrations

Me: Yeah, straight from the vault usually

Me: Hah, yeah, as a kid I wanted to animate

Me: What're you up to this evening, Monday's one of the few days of the week I get a free night


(Yeah, I train on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. I run bar game most Fridays and Saturdays if I don't have a date or something lined up. Not banging the FB any more, but Mondays were generally the day I'd be with her til about a month back.)


Her: Don't have plans yet

Her: I have to see a friend in about 1 hr then I'm free

Me: Sweet, let's go grab a drink at like 8. There WILL be doodling.

Her: Ok. Where?

Me: There's a cool little place a bus ride from *xy* called BAR.

Her: Can we do 8.30 at *xy*? I don't think I can make it earlier

Me: No worries that's perfect

Her: Is it like a posh place? I'm not scruffy but I'm not posh

Me: Lol, no.

Me: Wear somethin cute so we match- but wrap your ass up cause it'll be freezing out.

Her: Lol ook :) see u soon

Me: See you then ;)

Her: Im at the station

Me: Cool, I'm across the road. 10secs.

Her: Ok


So we meet up at the station, chat, vibe. I drag her to this cool little bar with walls you can scribble all over. She's a chill girl, I'm being lax and reserved- because that's where my energy levels are during the winter. Felt I'd been very gamey on a couple prior nights out, so I dialled it back. Kept the physicality and sexual tension going. The place also has table tennis, so I take her out to the tables- realize there're no paddles and tell her she needs to go ask for some. Eye contact, then we kiss- and I escalate. Pin her against the table, yadda yadda.

The escalation ramps up quickly, I pull her around the corner real quick for a little more privacy.

I'll skip all the details. Long story short, we got hot and I pull my dick out. Pull her out to another spot (some little empty square, very open and public though- not the best sex location by any standards- but we were in a bubble and I wasn't thinking at this point) and finger her then fuck her (awkwardly, fuck skinny jeans.)


Sent her this the next day to dead air:

Me: You're a sweet girl with a real chill vibe. Enjoyed you yesterday girl

Me: Gawd you left me with a heavy case of blue balls once I got home though woman

I'd had reservations about sending these texts for whatever reason, but I've been ignoring self-talk recently, so I just sent it anyway. Figured it was authentic, so fuck it. Bad text- lil accusatory. But I know it couldn't be just that.
I've asked a couple guys about this. The consensus is that 'the girls you want to keep around, you don't necessarily bang on the first date- and defo don't alleyway/bathroom/whatever pull. Of course, pulling back to your/her place and 'it just happens' is a different situation'
I can see where they stand- and I'll try it, but I've always taken from Manwhore the idea that if you pull the trigger and push it to the letter, the girl is generally happier for it. She wants someone to take the reigns and let her sexually express herself. But if you do go with that, you've got to follow it through or she'll resent it. I need to sort out my logistical nightmare (I also tend to switch off and act on impulse when I sexually get to a certain point. Possibly need to be more conscious.).
I also remember reading something about Rogan (mini)pillow-talking over the phone to quell the reservations of a chick after a quick lay. I dunno. I'll try that on the next one.
Of course there's also- take her to a house with a bed. Yeah. I'll get the logistics sorted.
So to sum up, pattern basically goes:
Meet the chick
Vibe - Escalate
Bang the chick, usually outdoors
Chill post-lay for a bit
Text to dead air the next day (maybe I'll text the same day as well the next one, worth a try.)

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You're leaving out massive

You're leaving out massive amounts of details, derp. What happened after? Why was the sex awkward? Why the FUCK am I having to ask you to fill in these details DURR lol


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lol, you're right you're right

Ha! Yeah you're right brudda.

The sex was awkward because we were basically out in the open, it was cold as fuck, and the chick was wearing skinny jeans. Wasn't like I was indoors so I could whip those jeans off real quick. Yanked em down and those fuckers got caught up around her thick little thighs- so I had to maneuver my cock to dodgeroll over and under. Just about slid my cock in, but the angle was atrocious. Being in the moment I didn't even think to spin this girl around and bang her doggy. Would have worked great. Fack. Also I didn't come, unsurprisingly in the freezing cold. (Explains the blue balls)

Admittedly she did put up some basic resistance. " We can't do this here, people will see". I handled that with a smile and just kept her heated. She was fine.

Afterwards we just went into lovebird territory. Fluffy talk. She told me what she'll be cooking for me, I said she could make me a bomb Italian sandwich, yadda yadda. Walked her to the station, sucked some face- told her I'd slam her up against the wall in the station if we made out any longer. Then said I'd text her.

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You're fine. Do the Rogan

You're fine. Do the Rogan thing and you're golden


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

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Cheers man

Thanks man I'll work it in.
Any thoughts on this chick specifically?- I'm kinda wanting a lil Italian cooking for me man lol

I figure I just give her a call. Leave a message if she doesn't answer, shoot some shit bout yoga class either way. My back bends are coming along awesome- I feel fucking amazing.

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Yeah just call her up and

Yeah just call her up and have some relaxed chit chat you'll be good on all that


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

- Called Off My Wedding & Other Turn Tail Signs Of The American Male

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