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How do you deal with nymphos on POF who just want to get railed

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Joined: 01/31/2014

What's up everybody. I just started POF again. I found this one chick. Her pfofile pics are just pics of her ass and stuff saying she wants to ride dick all night and get choked. Her profile says:

 -all im really looking for is a nympho .

- somebody to please me like i wanna be pleased . 

- somebody that is attentive and listens well .

- somebody who loves ass .

- just a freak in general .

Here's our convo so far. 

Me: I'm so glad girls like you exist. Your profile made my day. 

Her: Hey

Obviously, I need to see what her face looks like. I'm thinking of just sending, "Send me a pic of you smiling. I want to know what you'll look like with me inside you."

I think that's a good message. Clearly, she just wants to bang so I don't need to downplay my intentions and based on her profile she likes that kind of talk. What do you guys think?

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"Hey is for horses. Unless

"Hey is for horses. Unless you're saying you want me to saddle up and ride you. Which I am absolutely down for ;) What's going on with you babe. Down to go for a drive later and just chill out somewhere?"

Lil bit more direct than usual but you can go that route here. Plus you hit on both ends of the emotional spectrum she put out there. Just be sure it's not a tranny or some faggot on the other end.


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Joined: 01/31/2014
Thanks Manwhore. I like that

Thanks Manwhore. I like that response. It's creative as usual. God fordbid she looks like a gargoyle.