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How do you deal with text game investment levels?

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Hey guys, I have been trying to improve my text game and started to collect some numbers. I have some doubts about text game that I'm writing in the bottom of this post, let me explain first. After texting some girls, I divided them in some categories:

1- Interested and that would go for a day 2 easily

2- Interested who flirt, initiate conversation, but still are not sure about going in a day2

3- Girls who doesn't seem so interested but reply well depending if the texts are good.

4- Girls who aren't interested at all

I know I'm being over analytical about this, but I still suck at it and want some thoughts about investment levels of the girl and how much I should invest.

Girls number 1 and 2 I'm messaging almost daily nowadays, and planning to send a meetup text near the weekend.

Girls at number 3 category I have decided to wait couple weeks to text as I have been sending too many frequently messages and probably fucked the interactions.

Girls at number 4, it's already game over with them IMO, so I'll leave the contact in my phone and message some time in the future. If they don't respond I'll try some drama and if still no response delete the number.

What are the frequency that you text these type of girls? Is there such thing as frequency of texting and investment levels?

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Yes but it's also a matter of

Yes but it's also a matter of matching up better with them, not just emotionally but also logistically. E.g. some of these girls aren't down for a typical "date", but they'll go to a social event, or smoke weed, or bbq. Got to sorta figure them out so to speak 


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I'm making a mental catalog

I'm making a mental catalog about each girl and trying to be more relatable instead of hitting against the walls.

Looking forward to see this topic on the "Text & get laid".