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How do you reconcile the "community" concepts of "I'm the shit" versus "Destroying your ego"?

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Contridictions is where you

Contridictions is where you develop depth in game. You can do both at the same time. 

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There's no reconciliation

There's no reconciliation because there is no conflict. Eckhart Tolle and other spiritual guru's labeling of the ego as the enemy is the real issue. Your ego is not some enemy you need to battle. It's just a protective mechanism that was developed to help keep you alive by recording information. So the ego can be a healthy and productive tool. The problem is when the mind (ego) records incorrect information that warps your perception of reality. Emotions are what hold these subconcious beliefs in place. This is where releasing/letting go of these subconcious emotional programs can clear out the incorrect or undesirable things you've learned/experienced.

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Alex's "No reason you are not

Alex's "No reason you are not enough" was yuuuge for me. Basically instead of trying to impose I'm high value I just switched it to there's no reason I'm not enough. It's much easier to stand on that solidly that to take on that I'm the shit. I'm the shit for me tended to feel like I have to prove it also created tension like oh I'm not the shit well you're not the shit I am the one who is the shit. Biotch.

It also helped me get to a place where I didn't feel incomplete. There's still room for growth but it's like a higher plane of consciousness and self awareness and acceptance that I'm excited about and looking forward to. I've noticed that how I am with myself is reflected in how I am with women. I'm more nurturing, accepting, empathetic and tuned into a woman's emotional pulse than I was before.

This philosophy also helps me to apologize if I fuck up and show empathy which I find more disarming and connecting than before when I needed to convey high status and feel like I hage to ignore her discomfort because maybe it meant I wasn't good enough. Now it's more like my internal strength I use it to calm and make her feel at ease because I understand she just has anxiety or has a higher need to comfort and trust because she may feel more vulnerable physically, emotionally.

It's made for a more expansive and authentic form of masculinity than before. Before it was all being fuck emotions they're weak, look at how much I don't give a fuck, my ego can't be bruised ego. Ultimately this has helped me be still, notice my fears/insecurities and then develop a real sense if self esteem. Before I never felt like the person I was putting across now I do.

And that has naturally lead to me having stronger and clearer boundaries and call girls out on bullshit while being more empathetic because I'm realizing yeah I'm fucking awesome, what I have to give is extremely rare whether she realizes it or not, but I do and I respect it so that's what matters and guides me more than any one particular impression you may be having