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This is a powerful technique I learnt from Papa Smurf, aka Bob Proctor. It has helped me tremendously. It includes visualization, which all of you should be doing daily. If you're unfamiliar with the benefits of this amazing tool, read up on it.


1. Think about a result you’re getting that you don’t want and ask yourself what behaviors or habits are causing that result.

2. Write the behavior out in crystal clear detail.

3. Ask yourself what habit or behavior is the polar opposite of the behavior you just identified.

4.Write out the new behavior on another sheet of paper. Burn the paper that contains the bad habit (as a symbolic gesture).

5. Write the positive habit out four or five times a day. Read it frequently. You will eventually lodge that idea in your subconscious mind.

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To be clear, what's supposed

To be clear, what's supposed to happen at stage #5 is that you've formed a clear mental image of your new behaviour. This image is associated with your new feelings towards the behavior. As humans, we think in images - images that are associated with feelings. We create our world through them. When you write it down, it's repeated, which means it gets ingrained into your being. Try it.

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Cool yeah. And write that

Cool yeah. And write that bitch up on a whiteboard or something that's in front of your face for a good part of your day. 


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