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How to get value from social media for people who dislike it?

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I'm 23, so have grown up in an era where everyone and everything has been "online".  I'm not entirely sure why, but I don't like it, especially social media and the lack of "realness" that comes with it.  I did FB for a bit in high school but by sophmore year of college I had deleted it.  I can only do Snapchat for 2-3 days before it gets retarded and I delete it.  Never did Twitter, IG, or anything else.  There's something about the lack of privacy and competition for attention that just really turns me off of it, not to mention the general pointlessness to most people's posts.  

Now here's where I'd like other people's much value am I missing out on by not doing this sort of stuff?  I'm reassessing my priorities and coming up with new goals for the next couple months/year of my life and part of me thinks I should join every social media site and start building a presence.  It's weird cause I "know" I should be utilizing these resources, yet a huge part of me is so resistant to it... I've attached a ton of negativity to it and I'm not realizing the positives.  It certainly can't hurt from a dating or socialization perspective.  Every once in a while I like to do things that are crazy to me and things I wouldn't have dreamed of even considering a few years ago (playing open mic's with songs I wrote, doing improv, etc.)...I'm thinking building an online presence with social media and a personal website/blog may be my next step.  Thoughts?  


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You just let the "reality" of

You just let the "reality" of social media dictate itself to you. You've got to do the opposite.  It's not hard just start putting "yourself" out there. And yes a social media presence is huge


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To me facebook has been very

To me facebook has been very useful. Not only to keep in touch with friends and family, but also to get notified about cool events, parties, seminars etc in my city. I've organised alot of parties and other events myself with facebook too. I've gamed a few girls on there but it's not the reason why i have it lol. It's actually a useful tool, not a means to get attention. 

Twitter i used to promote by website in the past. Made some cash of it. Now i've heard instagram is also very useful to promote your website if you want to make money. I will probably create a couple of accounts and try to get thousands of followers on each, if i start some online business again in the future. 

I know some guys that get laid alot trough instagram. Apparently more effective than tinder in some places and hotter girls. As long as one has cool pictures and not just selfies lol. 

Snapchat is a good way to connect to girls. Instead of just messaging each others you send pics etc. Or you share stories of you doing cool shit and girls will love it and often message first when they see your stories. I mostly use it to upload some funny shit.