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Me - 1 min later: Im ready to go babe 

Girl - 9 mins later: You are to cute. 

Me - 1 hr 20 mins later: Fuck that cute stuff Im going to ravage you you wont think Im cute then 
Girl - 1 hr 21 mins later: Damn that's hot. My phone died I literally just got in. I are you hanging out or in my room? 

Me - 3 mins later: Ill meet you at your spot we'll figure it out from there 

Me - 5 mins later: Are you at excalibur my pretty lil wench 

Girl - 25 mins later: Yes I am 


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Awesome! I do that myself

Awesome! I do that myself when they try to put you in the "cute box". Fuck that shit, lmao!