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how long do you guys take to reschedule a date?

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I asked a chick out yesterday and she said her auntie was in town. How long do you guys wait to reschedule?

Joined: 03/28/2014
Nevermind I'm texting her

Nevermind I'm texting her

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You're not understanding.

You're not understanding. It's all circumstantial. To ask that question without putting down the context/text convo is betraying the banality of your dating existence. :p 


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I meet this white chick at a

I meet this white chick at a bar tuesday night. I tease her about being a drug smuggler and I pat her down to check for drugs. Then this tall fucker hovers around me and her. She came to the club with this guy. I tell him about her being a drug smuggler, he doesn't get it and I tell him it's a inside joke you have to be there. Something tells me he ain't a threat and my shit is stronger then him atleast tonight it is. So I ice him out of the conversation and I just talk to her. He ends up leaving to grab drinks. I start smelling her hair and grabbing her neck. I grab her neck around five times and she kind of pulls away around the fourth time, but its not in a negative way. I think she does'nt want the guy to see but I'm not sure. Yeah I know I should gone for the kiss and my excuse is she was pulling away from my neck grab. I give her my phone and she puts in her number. The guy comes back and I chit chat for a bit and bounce out. 

The next day. All text is minuites apart.

Me- I got way too drunk lastnight. I might be pregnant with your child.

Her-who is this? lol

Me-you know

Me-Who else could be this awesome. 

her- endless possibilties

Me-the asian guy from lastnight

Her- haha hi!

Me-I might surf in a second. Whatcha doing?

Her-awesome. Im hang out at my house.

Me- Make sometime for me tonight.

Me- lets grab drinks

Me-I know a place don't get us kicked out.

Her-I can't tonight! My auntie is town and im seeing her tonight but i will take you up on that another time!

Me-cool. tell your aunt I said hi!

her-Will do. enjoy surfing

Me- I will