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I have a question about the monthly coaching. I know the web coaching is an hour each week. How much time in the field each week is necessary for the coaching to be effective? I have a lot going on between work, bjj 3-4 times a week, improv and toastmasters. If I need to cut back on some of that for a couple of months and carve out an hour a day and three nights a week, then I can. Would that be sufficient? Thanks!

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Yes but what's your schedule

Yes but what's your schedule like? You should be able to handle them all to a certain degree. Go to bjj or improv then head out directly afterwards, that sort of thing. But yes a bit of day time and three nights a week would be adequate. 


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There are a lot of skill

There are a lot of skill buidling things that will become daily habits for you that you can get done in a short car ride, before you go to bed, or even if your mowing your fucking lawn lol