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How to respond, super hot girl on tinder sending long, weird messages

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Been talking to this girl for over a week. The interaction started to fizzle out a bit so I sent a re-engagement...(She has acknowledged and deferred a few of my attempts to ask her out already)

me: (Sunday 3 pm): Don't just ignore me, say something loser!

Her: (Tuesday 12 pm): I wasn't logging in

me: What?

me: Call me

me: !

me: (6 pm): If your an old man with fake pictures messaging me from your mom this is totally off

her: (7pm): Listen ok

her: I met a few people on here before we matched

her: I'm taking a break from meeting people for a while

her: U have like a million mathces to choose from to take out I'm sure it's not that hard for you so please don't apply pressure on me

her: Especially not right now because meeting someone else at this moment isn't exactly on my priority list

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What to text her? Sounds like

What to text her? Sounds like you already boxed her into a corner. She's fighting to escape at this point.

Call me! Seriously? What guy says that. If you wanted to talk on the phone you should have just called her.

Sounds bad. What we really need to see is how the interaction lead to this...

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Most of the conversation sort

I told her to call me becuase I told her we should chat on the phone after she's mentioned that we should talk more and I gave her my number and told her to message me or I said she can send me hers (usually girls will just text me with something cute), after a few days she answered me with the "I wasn't logged in" thing

Most of the conversation sort of had this tone to it but its been going on like 2 weeks now and she always answers and not just like short responses. Anyway I'll post some more later but I responded

me: What if I was batman?

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How can you say this is

How can you say this is fudged, we have been talking for weeks lol she is interested in something. 

And I have done a lot of the "Give me your number" style type things before this call me! was said. I'll post some more of the coonversation later.

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The fact you can't see this

The fact you can't see this is fudged is a problem. You've been talking for weeks... and still haven't managed to get the number or schedule a date. And you expect her to just call you? After you just said she was a loser. Then she drops a 5 line bomb on you and you're still oblivious... Any rookie can see this is fudged. Could it be recovered? Possibly. But, it would require a shitload of care and finesse.

You don't seem to understand the concept of social pressure. You need to add value and then ask her out. Rinse and repeat until you've got the digits or date. I'm going to guess that you've repeatedly asked her out without adding enough value/room in between. We need to see what you did earlier in the convo.

In any case, the vibe here is too needy. Calling her a loser, asking what? and then saying call me! is way too much pressure, especially all at once. She even says that in her response.

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At this point I would just

At this point I would just hit her with something like "Hey when are you free to get a drink with me" and if she gives you shit say "All good. If your schedule clears up sometime in the future let me know," and leave it there. If shes interested she WILL hit you up within the next few weeks.

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Drop it. Try again elsewhere,

Drop it. Try again elsewhere, dude. lol 

Study the threads here. 


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