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How would you turn down an invitation without sounding gay

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Joined: 04/02/2016

I mentioned chocolate balls and this girl is like

her: omg come give me some chocolate balls :(

me: it's too late now, another time

her: then every friday after *club*

It's 11:30 PM over here and i have an important school assignment at 8 so i couldn't. She lives far too and would probably not take a 30 min bike ride in this freezing cold weather lol.

pretty boring and dull text to send lol! what do you guys text girls in these situations when you've got other shit to do but still wanna fuck another day?

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? Make it subtly sexual and

? Make it subtly sexual and "be the prize". 


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Joined: 04/02/2016
Cool coolLol i sounded dumb

Cool cool

Lol i sounded dumb as fuck texting that lol. i could just have sent her "come get some" with a flirtey smiley and even if she doesn't come over it's more high value than what i texted, right?