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Joined: 05/20/2018

I get compliments all the time from girls that I look like 20 different celebrities, most of which look nothing at all like each other or like me

Im 5’9. I have facial asymmetries, I have both acne scars and war scars on my face, I’m not in great shape but I’m not fat. I have a double chin though and I’m not a spring chicken. 

Yet some very hot girls compare me to the likes 

of Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Ronaldo, Ricky Martin and some other fags who are pretty in the face ass niggas. 

This goes to show that how you look and are perceived varies EXTREMELY from person to person. No two set of eyes see the same things. The perceptual gestalt is pretty much infinite in variation and can even change with behavioral cues. 

So pretty much, even with looking this good to some very hot women, I open my mouth and manage to fuck it up many times. I basically take a brown crayon and scribble all over the perceptual gestalt and thus undesirable. However, I also succeed as well and have juicy FRs coming up so stay tuned.

This fucking up comes from me being a shitty person. I understand that now. It’s nobodys fault but my own. We all look like some fucking celeb to some girls out there, doesn’t mean we’ll smash. Not if we say mean and obnoxious things to satiate ourselves. Not If we lack impulse control. Not if we look at hanging out with women as a burden and and a chore to 

endure before we can get laid. Not if we see it as “man this bitch is wasting my time bro”

I’m sure some bitch out there thinks Manwhore looks like some kind of celeb, even if he’s so ugly he looks like he got beat in the face with a flaming baseball bat. It be like that. 

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