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I finally banged in my car + straightforward texting

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This is a girl from NYE that gave me a BJ. After being a puss and not banging her because of a hectic enviroment I thought it was only right to seal the deal. Nothing flashy really, she obviously was already into me so it wasn't too tough to get her out. I ended up doing a pretty good job though keeping the vibes fun! The texts were good too, they did not require much gamey game..and oh yeah we banged in the BACK seat, ya'll frontseaters are crazy because I could not manuever that whatsover.

Me: Hello Samantha. Hows your day treatin yah :)

Her: Good, I accidently went to work high on cold medicine, you?

Me: lol I hope it made work more enjoyable

Me: Im sick too. Fuck dis

Her: haha ya it was actually much better than usual mayble ill "accidently" do it again tomorrow

Me: haha alright lil wayne

Me: where do you work

Her: I like that nickname, I think ill keep it haha

Her: I work at (name) truck parts, doing office work aka dying of boredom

Me: lol your one of those truck girls???

Her: O my god no! I literally do office work and know little to none about trucks

Her: unless ur into trucks, then trucks are my life, I live and breathe trucks, trucks are soooo cool

Me: no no im not a truck typa guy

Me: glad your not a truck slut too

Her: haha ya they just dont peek my interest, even If I'm surrounded by them all day

Me: (truck meme about using 4 parking spaces for my small penis)

Me: wow just found this perfect timing lol

Her: I feel like this really represents trucks and why I dislike them

Me: haha we really need to get out there and slash some tires

Me: ill buy the ski masks

Me: you pick up some knives

Her: As if I dont alreayd have some on hand

Her: i'm in

Me: wow we are going to be unstoppable

Me: we will take out every truck in (state)

Me: *big trucks

Her: sounds like a plan

Her: just the thing I need to kick off 2017

Me: haha honorable new years resolution

Me: your from (town) right?

Her: yes I am

Her: your from (town) right?

Me: yup, lots of trucks here :P

Me: whats your truck schedule.. I mean work schedule?

Her: ya its like farm trucks and beer

Her: (schedule)

Me: girl..! your busy as fuck

Me: I work a few evenings a week

Me: but we can make this happen..sometime

Her: where do you work?

Her: and ya im like always working but my weekends and evening are wide open  <---what else is wide open?

Me: Im a PCA for an old lady near my house

Me: sooo I watch movies n get paid

Me: gangster

Her: thats fucking savage

Her: are you guys bffs?

Me: shes grandma #3 lol

Her: so cute

Me: Here name is (name)

Me: I also dog sit her crazy dogs

Me: imma superhero you could say

Her: you're just Mr.Doitall huh?

Her: I would defintely do better at the dog part than the old lady part

Me: welp not really I do all the easy stuff!

Me: nah the dog part is the grunt work

Me: they are high maintence doggies

Her: haha how high maintence can they be? theyre dogs

Me: dude they are the fuckin worst im tellin yah

Me: If you ever acted half as bad as these dogs you'd get spanked

Her: haha ya ok

Her: what kind are they?

Me: German Wire haired somethins

Her: ehhh I like small dog anyway

Her: thats a cool job tho

Me: my toy poodle is an asshole I cant agree with that

Me: yes its the best non-job job Ive ever had

Me: fuck I gotta sleep off this cold. Talk to yah laterz ms. Lil Wayne

Her: ha talk to u later

Few days later:

Me: Sup Pumpkin. I hope the trucks are bein nice to you today :p

Her: the trucks and I are both superb today

Her: you?

Me: im just chillen at my roomates metal concert takin some pics

Her: wow you must be one imporant guy huh?

Me: nal lol like 20 people here tops

Her: haha you could've made ur self sound really cool for a minute there

Me: haha I dont wanna sound like a douche!

Me: but yeah imma a big time photographer on tour rn you should tots check out the tour bus we got free red bull for dayyzzzz <---that natural craftiness kicking in

Her: now thats how you sell yourself

Her: im in

Me: oh yeah how about tomorrow evening

Her: well my schedule is clear so im gunna go with a yes

Me: kewl when do you get outta work ill pick yah up

Me: we can get froyo and people watch   <---simple, but fun

Her: I can be ready for like 6

Her: and I friggen love froyo

Her: and people watching

Me: haha nice 6 works for me 

Me: Ill txt you in the morning and you can gimme your address

Her: sounds good

Me: G night don't let the crabs bite

Her: haha night

Day of date:

Me: Sup snowflake you still down for froyo tn

Me: I love eatin froyo on cold days lol

Her: yes im still down despite these freezing temperatures

Me: cool I thought you might wimp out :P   <--- a little flakey control

Me: whats your address ill get yah around 6

Her: (address) 

I picked her up, we shot the shit in the traffic and made fun of bad drivers. I proceeded to stick my head out the window a few times like a dog. We made it to the mall and I parked in a secluded spot because I "didn't want people scratching my car." We then got froyo. On the way out she said that she wanted me to photograph her dogs, I kindly agreed but insisted she must pay me back somehow. Got into the car, took my dick out and boooom we banged.  She's not superhottie but good times all around :)

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Lol! Good job 

Lol! Good job 


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