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Since learning about game 3 years ago, I've seen dramatic results in my ability to roll up on girls, and talk to strangers, get #s', even go on insta-dates, and I've banged a few girls along the way

But one thing for me that I feel as if I've made almost no progress at all with is texting.

I can literally get phone #s all day from girls if I'm in a good mood. the thing that sucks is I rarely if ever see ANY of these girls again bc I really just cant get them out on dates. MW and some guys helped me get a Day 2 over the podcast over summer which was great, but I've only had 1 day 2 since then LOL.

And basically I think the worst part about this is that it now even effects my in-person game. It's like theres this voice in the back of my head telling me, "well theres no point in even going out, it's not like youre going to see any of these girls again"

I think it may be that I am not understanding some core principles of how to switch around the buyer/seller dynamic- over text - whereas in my interactions this is taken care of w nonverbal communicaiton. But anyway this is like a self-fulfilling prophecy for me it really sucks.

Just wondering if any guys have some advice on this....

I'm hanging with a friend of mine who gets dates all the time, he banged a girl off tinder last night. It just makes me feel like a tard and I really need to change my mindset about this I sound like a lil bitch right now

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You need to ingrain positive

You need to ingrain positive mindsets into yourself. Aka you're the Fucking man and these girls are lucky to even be going,out with you. When you truely believe this it will manifest itself and you'll look back and think how dumb you were being in the past. You trained with MW right? I don't get how you've had one day 2 in that long. I mean, I've seen your text game and it's far from great but there has to be something missing here. Maybe there is an element of self sabotaged what do you think?

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Because text game is such a

Because text game is such a narrow medium of communication the baseline emotional wavelengths driving it are going to be highlighted. Alex you are a momma's boy. Like.. you scream it. We'd go into sets and you'd just start screaming momma's boy. You'd do irreparable damage within seconds of going into a set. The pleading in your voice was palpable. Any successes or results you got were in spite of it, e.g. girls thought you were cute or you had some swag going on, but that was it. Your baseline emotional frequencies are shit. You need to start mma training and sparring and actually get decent at it. 


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Or this too

Or this too


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