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So last Saturday I met a superhottie through an acquaintance at the club. We were all chilling in a bottle service booth celebrating a birthday.

Just like in my last thread i've been focusing on maintaining conversations and vibing, something I lacked a little especially in social circle situations. I was always a bit overwelming in these kinds of situations.

ANYWAYS superhottie she makes it clear to me that she is open to talk, after i'm leave to talk to birthday girl the first time lol. I pulled her to the bar where we had private time for the most-part.

The vibe was great with her investing significantly more than me (talks a lot too). It wasn't very sexual and physical, but I know i can make it up later. 

It's just now i set myself up for disaster thru text and shit is not going in the direction I want it to go, have a look:


ME (1:27am): Guru cool black Dude

HER (3:16am): Yeah i'm Alex, cool white girl lol

ME (12:13pm): Lol dork

ME (12:14pm): Alcohol 1 - me 0. Maybe some Cajun Kitchen would help :P

HER (12:20pm): Lol I was awake at 9am making food then passed out again

ME (12:50pm) Well uhm good afternoon sunshine! Time to get your day started


(8:17pm) I called her while i was making dinner and left her a brief voicemail using callback humor and talking about my day.

HER (8:36pm): Hey i fell asleep lol long day.... I'm up at 6:45 everyday for work


ME (2:49pm): All good :) I had one of the big heads who interviewed m recently about my promotion come in and make me shit bricks

HER (5:01pm): Where do you work again?

ME (6:20pm): I work at ****

HER (6:21pm): What do they do?

ME (6:22pm): Haha you've never been there?? It's like a much cooler version of ****

HER (6:23pm): No i've never been there lol

HER (6:23pm): Idk where it is

ME (6:24pm): Fasho, well how was work? I may be down for drinks some time this week

HER (6:26pm): My whole department and i got laid off today so fucking shitty (As someone whose first language is not english, i just learned the difference between laid off and fired that very same day lol)

ME (6:35pm): lol wtf 

HER (6:42pm): It's really not funny 

ME (7:20pm): OH shit I didn't mean it like that missy. I mean it obviously sucks. What do you want to do about it?

HER (7:27pm): I think i'm just going to be homeless now.... Obviously get another job

HER (7:27pm): Not much I can do

ME (8:10pm): Got it :P Well i'm about to hit up *** bar for a good buddy's birthday. You're welcome to swing by for a bit if you want to cheer up

HER (8:12pm): I have to go to my great job at 8 am that means up at 6:30

ME (8:21pm): Ha damn. I thought it was the same job 

HER (8:25pm): It is the same job...

HER (8:25pm): Our last day is October

HER (8:25pm): I still have to go to work knowing they r laying us of ....

HER (8:27pm): So i can't even go to interviews because i'm still full time until our last day

Honestly this convo started to drain me so I just stopped here. I figured i'd hit her up the next day and start fresh lol.

ME (9:21pm): psst!

Sooo yeah.... Any tips on my shitty text game and how to recover from it

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This is all balls up. The

This is all balls up. The text convo, meeting her. I'm not going to write your texts for you but you got to shift the emotions away from her sad times towards something better. 


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Your goals were to maintain

Your goals were to maintain conversations and vibe? That's day 1 stuff man. 

Go for a meet up


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