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So I just moved to Vegas about a month ago and so far I love it. I've been running into hookers at about all the clubs I've been to, and I usually don't approach them but I decided I wanna fuck one just because some of them are gorgeous and probably amazing in bed.

This Saturday night I'm at Omnia, it's around 3:30 and I don't have much going on, the night is pretty much a big fail till I see this girl at bar. Blue cocktail dress, perfect ass , red hair sitting by herself.

I approached her and things are going great ( duh she's a hooker lol). We fuck around just talking shit and 30 min in she grabs my cock then said I'm not hard enough. I tell her I'llget hard if she makes out with me. She won't so I tell her I'm gonna keep trying which I do about 7 times to no avail.

She's all over me and I was having fun so I bought her a drink. I ask her where she's staying she says she's local and asks me to take her number so we can go on a proper date. I tell her I don't do numbers and we're going on a date after we finish our drinks. She keeps insisting so we eventually exchange numbers.

We finish our drinks and I grab her hand and we leave the club . We stop at the bar next to the poker room and at this point, after 2 hrs of talking she finally tells me she's a hooker. I tell her it's cool. We talk some more about random shit. Now she wants to play poker and slots, I tell her wtf woman I'm not your sugar daddy. She sits down at slot machine I tell her I'm going to the bathroom and when I come back she's gone.

I text her.

Me: Hey dork where are you

She calls me almost instantly and tells me that she's in her car and thought I left because I didn't tell her I'll be right back lmao what kind of bullshit excuse is that . It's true I didn't say I'll be back lol. She tells me to call her when I get home I said I probably won't and we'll talk later because I'm gonna pass out (I was pretty drunk)

I text her again about 20 min later

Me: Hope you got home safe. You're still my third favorite little brat :)
Her: Lol brat

Next day.

Me: come get ice cream with me beautiful wench ( lol manwhore)

No response so I sent this an hour later

Me: This is not the time to be doing your nails (lol manwhore)
Her: Hey
Me: Hey what are you up to today
Gay text no response.

Next day

Me: You're gay. I mean, I like gay people don't get me wrong but I'm definitely not sharing my cookies with them
Her: LMAO oh yea Well I got cookies of my own thank u lol
Me: Yeah but mine taste like vodka cranberry . What are you doing besides pretending you know how to bake? lol
Her: LMAO I am just doing stuff
Me: You don't have to buy a new dress to come meet me. It's fine, I look like shit today ;)

Another gay text no response lol.

What next? Should I give up? Call her? Send a reingagement text? I really wanna fuck her.

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When I first read this I

When I first read this I thought you'd managed to fuck it up so bad this hooker wasn't even willing to take your money. Lol  


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Joined: 05/17/2012
Lol she definitely wanted

Lol she definitely wanted money to gamble. I think she wanted to fuck me for free but I fucked up somehow. Probably because I'm not used to pulling girls of that caliber.