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I know what the UFO's are.. but if I tell, they won't be UFO's anymore. Ugh, so conflicted

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I figured them out back in 2019. Took me three weeks.

I reported it a couple months ago, sans most of the important details. So the footage is published/declassified, yet they've manage to forego the unwarranted Navy "egocentrism" from earlier reportings, as well as more closely describe their "behavior", based on findings I definitely mentioned. Seems the government wants to go for a "cheaper" bargain.

It's funny to see patriarchal bias that can't possibly imagine womenfolk not just accepting my past work, but also understanding and appreciating it. Tsk tsk

But I could agree it's nice to give everyone else a go first. And I am curious if anyone else can figure out what they are. If someone gets it right I'll be sure to confirm the results.

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So I noticed Biden's Pentagon

So I noticed Biden's Pentagon showed up with some "new" UFOs recently. Except these ones were clearly drones, triangular-shaped and with flashing lights. Not fooling anyone, Brandon.

But now we've got a Chinese defector selling hypersonic secrets to the U.S? Fuck you.


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