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I know what the UFO's are.. but if I tell, they won't be UFO's anymore. Ugh, so conflicted

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The Wizard Mand...
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I figured them out back in 2019. Took me three weeks.

I reported it a couple months ago, sans most of the important details. So now they publish/declassify the footage, yet manage to forego the unwarranted Navy "egocentrism" from earlier reportings, as well as more closely describe their "behavior", based on my findings. Lol, asses. Seems the government wants to go for a "cheaper" bargain.

It's funny to see the patriarchal bias of a government that can't possibly imagine womenfolk not just accepting my past work, but also understanding and appreciating it. Tsk tsk

But I could agree it's nice to give everyone else a go first. And I am curious if anyone else can figure out what they are. If someone gets it right I'll be sure to confirm the results.