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I'm a bit confused...I've been hearing similar things for a while now

Just some examples:

A couple months ago i was pulling 2 girls and they were asking me if i was pissed and truth is i was a bit bored but definitely not pissed. Guess it didn't matter because i still pulled, but yeah...

When working at a night club i've been told i look a bit pissed by some girls, but at the same time i laugh alot every time i'm working aswell. 

A female friend of mine recently told me i might make some girls uncomfortable when i'm not talking to them, because i seem disinterested or something... and yeah IF i don't talk it's usually because i'm not interested because i don't really have the energy to talk to people i'm not interested in. 

Tonight a girl i've hooked up with before walked up to me and told me i looked like feeling down.. but like as soon as i opened my mouth i was smiling, teasing her, making her laugh, kissing her etc. 

Yeah this whole thing sounds silly, but do you guys like walk around and act nice to everyone lol? I mean i AM nice because i do nice things but i don't necessarily give off a nice vibe unless i like this person. 

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Congratulations cholo, you

Congratulations cholo, you have resting bitch face. ;-)


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Shikorah wrote:
Congratulations cholo, you have resting bitch face. ;-)

She's right. Too many girls said something for it to be a coincidence

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I feel yah bro I get the same

I feel yah bro I get the same thing, try just holding a smile more often lol

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I think manwhore wrote

I think manwhore wrote something about that a one point about just holding a smile as you walk through a party. It's hater proof, infleunces a good mood, and gives people a positive impression of you.

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I get the same thing. It

I get the same thing. It doesn't hinder my game at all. In fact, it helps.


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