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I was out doing some after-club street game last night with my buddy and roommate and he approaches these two girls from France.

His girl barely spoke any English and my girl spoke pretty decent english.  His girl was cuter mine was meh but I was down.  My girl ended up telling me she's a lesbian when I tried to go in for the kiss.

Anyways, I basically made the pull happen.  His girl had a Tinder guy she was suppposed to meet(with the other girl as translator).  

I basically convinced my girl that a)the Tinder guy was creepy b)to come with us to get drinks before we go to the Tinder dude's hotel.

So we ended up at my place.  I had to entertain this girl so my friend decides to take his girl into my room because his room had speakers, chairs, and the booze.  So I basically chilled with her in my buddy's room watching movie trailers and talking about pickup up girls.  

Btw this is keeping in mind there was a sure booty call I passed up on with a girl I banged a couple of weeks ago.  She's alright looking(like a 6) but gave the best head I've ever gotten.  

So anyways, my buddy ended up getting head from his girl and he came in her mouth.  But somehow all the cum got over my fucking bed because she accidently spit it out or something.  


1) I engineered the pull because they were about to go to that dude's hotel and I instead convinced to come with me.

2) I used my Uber(I had a free 20$ ride) to get them to our place.

3) I passed on a for sure booty call to wing him.

4)  My friend came on my fucking bed.  There's a cumspot on my sheets.  I told him he has to wash it.  

I ended up sleeping on his bed that night lol.  

He owes me BIG.  

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Cool but don't let it become

Cool but don't let it become a habit. If he can't handle logistics for himself and you're not getting laid and he's jizzing on your bed you want to put the heat on him. 


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Agree with MW..... But for

Agree with MW..... But for the time being, None the less what you did is a tru BRO move that I approve of.

....and don't wash your sheets dude. Let that smell linger.