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Important lesson in frame control and being yourself:

A new guy started at work a couple of months ago and fit in really quick. He's a naturally cool and charismatic guy.

Anyway, a week ago, we got given these ridiculous vests by some partner company. No one wore them because they looked so bad. Except him. He put it on as a bit of a joke but pretended to be serious. We all gave him some shit for it because it looked so bad, he wore it the rest of the day and we thought that was the end of it. He's now been wearing it for a week straight, just to troll us. And the more anyone says about it, the stronger he becomes lol.

I've been watching it all unfold and just find his frame control so interesting. He still maintains that it looks good while knowing perfectly well that it doesn't. But we've all gotten over it now. He won. And continues to win whenever someone brings it up. Fucking awesome.

Anyway hope this provides some value, I know I learned something from it.

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Haha! Nice 

Haha! Nice 


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