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Instagram Number Close + PB Tinder Tactics Revealed

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Joined: 05/20/2013

So I found this super cutie on tinder a couple months ago. I didn't like her profile right away. Instead I found her IG in her description and kept tabs on that in case I didn't get the match. I didn't get the match lol. So I started following her on tinder for a few weeks and liking some of her pictures to see if she'd eventually follow me back, she didn't haha. So I figured it was time to direct message

You have to send a pic for the direct message so I thought what better to send than a pic of the real patrick bateman himself with a displeased look on his face LOL.

Here's what I messaged 

me: Don't get a big head or anything now, but you're downright cute, just had to hit you up.

me: Lol I think I caught your IG on tinder (monkey covering eyes). Haha anyways, how's your sunday been treating you

4 days later (she didn't see the message until 4 days later) 

her: Haha thank you :) what's wrong with getting a big head? And well now it's Wednesday... ANd it's going okay you?? 

me: Hahah well depends how big but eventually it is unbecoming ;)

me: Yah slow to respond miss popular eh. It's fine, these notifications are confusing as fuck

her: Haha I think confidence is nice, women are always told to be insecure ykno ? And yeah I didn't notice until now

me: Haha yah I definitely agree. I just like to tease (evil face) haha. What's your number, can we text instead

her: Very bold of you to ask so early 

me: Haha it's just a number.... NOt like I"m asking for your kidneyy, dork ;)

her: I'm just messing with you dweeb

me: Haha okay

(didn't get the number here so had to give her a bit more)

me: Any pressing questions before we leave the crazy world of IG

her: Number

Bam! Couple good things going on here 

With an over the top complimenting opener, it's great to say "don't get a big head now". It's a little teasy/accusatory. And sets the right vibe. The line about it just being a number and it's not like i'm asking for a kidney. That shit is super effective at projecting your reality onto the girl, that the number is not a big deal at all. Some people have this fucked up belief that a girl giving the number is a huge deal. It's not. So I pulled her into my frame and she responded accordingly. 

I also kinda ossilated between having that edge and being on the softer side. "these notifactions are confusing as fuck" "slow to respond miss popular" That's showing the edge. Then when I say "can we text instead" that's a lighter text. Instead of being like "we're taking this to text." Given that I have very little contact and rapport with her. Sometimes it's better not to come off too strong as that can blow up in your face. I know MW tends to do the same thing at times. But most people are way too fucking soft, it's rare that they develop too much edge. 

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Joined: 05/20/2013
I meant to say I started

I meant to say I started following her on instagram not tinder hahaha

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Do you just send the same pic

Do you just send the same pic of Patrick Bateman for every text?

What picture/s was she sending during that?

I've messaged girls before with just a black square but wondering how you do it

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Joined: 05/20/2013
Lol you only have to send one

Lol you only have to send one picture. THen you can message under that pic. Please tell me you haven't been sending multiple threads to the same girl lmfao

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I never get any hot matches

I never get any hot matches on tinder lol. Quite a few hot girls are starting to follow me on instagram though. Im also wondering what kind of pic you should send

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Guys i know over here are

Guys i know over here are mostly using instagram to pick up chicks haha.