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I just finished a podcast with one of the top nutrition and fitness minds in the industry.

Which essentially brought us to the conclusion - fundementally we know how to lose fat and build muscle. We understand this very well.

What we really need to learn to do is - instill behavioural change. How do we help shift people's behaviours to achieve what they want. 

This is where I feel Jon is light years ahead of everyone else.

"What is the strongest drive? Homeostasis motherfucker." 

The use of Tolle and self hypnosis I believe are two of the most effective tools to instill behavioural change. 

I think an awesome video or article Jon, would be expanding on this. 

Getting guys good with girls requires massive identity level change. How do you rewire peoples beleifs? 

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Right now, I've kept on my

Right now, I've kept on my workout regimen for longer and stayed more disciplined on it than any other time in my life. I had a bit of a mindshift  towards it, where I changed my thinking from "I'm doing this to get a good physique and to look good" to "I do this because I enjoy it."

The old mindset was based on getting to a future outcome. I needed to make the habit the thing that I get the pleasure from.


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Yep, Eckhart Tolle explains

Yep, Eckhart Tolle explains this concept beautifully as enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is true enjoyment for something with the added element of a goal or vision that you are working towards. 

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You tie the behavioral change

You tie the behavioral change to a big enough carrot and it makes the whole thing go. It's why I call myself a "dating" coach not a "leadership" or "maturity" coach, LOL. There are all kinds of ways of motivating a guy, a broad spectrum of tactics. This is where the art of being a coach comes into play. 


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You listen to it in the

You listen to it in the mornings? Just laying in bed or do you go back to sleep for a bit. I listen to it right before bed and have been trying out a guided meditation in the morning. It's got similar script and gets you to the same place. Manwhore gets our souls all together while we sleep and dangles his carrot in front of us

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Been trying to read tony

Been trying to read tony robins awaken giant. What do you guys make of his process? A big one that was new to me was to apply Emotional leverage of showing how you are not living up to your own identity?
- I'm writing from memory and haven't really internalized this stuff yet so I may have it wrong tho.