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Is It Any Wonder It Was a French Basketball Player That "Accidentally" Infected Media Mics & Prompted The NBA Season Suspension?

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I mean what kind of move was that, buddy? You trying to short sell the NBA or something?

It's true what they say, France never puts up much of a fight. Always the first one to let itself be overrun and be used as a vessel of the enemy. Too much socialism in that country, too much weight given to the "arts and crafts" over industry and logic. It's like they like it.

This attempted tax hike on diesel fuel (the "carbon tax") the French government recently instituted to try to "discourage fossil fuel use", prompted the current Yellow Vest movement which is further tearing the country apart. Hundreds injured and millions lost in time and revenue because of huge population-driven protests against the proposed fuel hike, and they're still trying to figure out how to ram through the tax hikes on cheap diesel fuel. What a corrupt and vile endeavor "green energy" has shown itself to be.

So they attempt to tax the population on the most abundant and widely used transportation fuel in use, try to force through "green energy" initiatives to force the populace to buy even more expensive solar and "clean" energy solutions to transportation and energy use, all just to pay the people who build solar panels and electric cars and run electric power grids.

What a thinly disguised trap. France sucks.

Doesn't everybody understand by now there is another hidden narrative going on underneath these scenes of fake hysteria and "liberal" frenzy against fossil fuels? Against a backdrop of recent technological innovation runs a covert timeline of events that is a complete 180° degree spin in the other direction from supposedly progressive "clean energy". You may have heard of the massive amount of industrial intrigue and theft of technologies and intellectual property going on across the American continent, and globe. That is where the real story is.

The media-fueled attack on the use of fossil fuels is staged. While the media pitches the impending doom of climate change and the atrocities being committed against mother nature in the form of fossil fuels, there is actually a MASSIVE technological race going on right now for carbon-based technological supremacy.

Carbon technology in microchips and processors will represent a big leap in computing power. But carbon hides other, very special properties as well. Building materials, aerospace technology, exotic fuels, even diamonds; all are dependent on carbon and the hydrocarbon industry. But the Western world is being fed the lie that "fossil fuels are bad!" Stupid. Fossil fuels are and will continue to be the FUTURE.

But go ahead and get your lifestyle and energy needs advice from Greta Thunberg, who has Asperger's Syndrome. Hadn't it dawned on anyone the global spokesperson for the global "climate change" pandemic is a mentally handicapped person?

Why are you all going along with something that's so easily recognizable as ridiculous, and clearly purely driven by corporate "green energy" interests?


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