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Just Do It, Don't Think (Not a Nike Advertisement)

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I came to realize the other day how the idea of uncertainty can easily break us down. It came to me when I was suppose to sign up for this Powerlifting meet a month ago. I would think about if I was about to make the necessary lifts to meet the criteria and my mind would run wild. I procrastinated around the idea of signing up and not commiting for a month. When the time came I went to sign up and the whole capacity was unexpectantly filled. I called them to see if they could fit me in and they said they had a wait list of people that most likely won't even get in.

The conclusion I came to was that you shouldn't overthink things. The answer was right infront of me and just be. I am not knocking down to logically coming up with answers for certain situations, but in this situation I set myself up for failure when I clearly made a mirage.

I'd also like to mention that the ideals and drills that MW does to combat a problem such as this will help you with women, but help you in all facets of life.

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Yeah never question it, just

Yeah never question it, just give yourself to the training.

80% of the shit I've accomplished or done or experienced, if I'd allowed myself to come up with reasons for why I shouldn't do it I never would've. Military, sports, bishes, starting different money-making ideas. Can't hesitate, just do it. Especially if it's based on training. That's the BEST shit to just give yourself to without thinking. You can't go wrong


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Yeah, any time you notice

Yeah, any time you notice yourself running a negative mental rehearsal in your mind, stop that shit immediately.  Change to a positive mental rehearsal instead.  See yourself in the End Result of what you desire in that particular situation - looking and feeling how you would like to.  Any traces of doubt, worry, anxiety MUST be routed out and removed from all aspects of your mindset.  If you're having trouble with this, see things play out in your mind, both winning and failing UNTIL you become okay with both - go deep and see everything always eventually turning out positive.

"Consider this, if you fail it will lead to the best thing happening for you. So if you succeed you win and if you fail you win... The most successful people don't believe this, they know it, and they know it so much that they don't even consider it, instead they are just living to it... Master that and failure is still success."