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Just listened thru a coaching session with Tripp Advice... WOW it's awful

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Only reason I went on a hunt for this dude is because one of his ex "alumni" just joined my coaching program and I'm slightly disturbed by what they're getting away with.

It seems if you play by "mainstream" rules and call yourself a "dating advice" company you can get away with treating men like infantiles, which means you don't have to actually teach them anything, or improve them in any way.. just babysit them with some attention and "positive psychology" while gladhanding them with 10th grade english class skills. Purely awful

From his prep work:

"coach offered me to continue the program for six more months, and he told me that my goal at the end of those six months was to be going on my first dates with girls. I politely turned him down.."

What the fuck mediocre hot sauce is that? That is obnoxious. Well don't worry, he's in the real training program now, and trust me when I say this motherfucker is going to experience more with women in a month of training than he ever has in his life before. ;) And it only gets fucking better. 


Here's "Tripp" coaching a guy on how to handle a first date:

What the fuck is that? This guy's going to show up on this "first date" and shit the bed now. All you premium grade coochie-baggers on here that've gone through my training, could you imagine if this was how I conducted training? LOL 


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Do you know how to do

Do you know how to do seductive handshake?

I randomly chose a spot in the audio and that was what I heard LOL