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Keeping your ladies in check.How much attention is too much attention?

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Hello guys.

This was (might still be) one of my sticking points when it comes to girls that you keep in touch with and want to see on a regular basis(for cuddles and fun timez).

For sure,i m not the kind of guy that wants/likes to have a chick on his back all day everyday because i want to get my shit done.But on the other hand i would like to feed my carring and softer side and hang out with girls(cook something,watch a movie,go on a cool date).

How much is too much attention/communication/fucking per week lets say?Or am i seeing this from a faulted place and should not think of it in such a systematic way?Cheers

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
Its not systematic. Every

Its not systematic. Every girl and guy has different attention needs. Important thing is to find out how much time you can and are willing to give in order to further the relationship between you and your chicks. Then set that standard.