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Lol I met the lady in red this weekend. Interaction was solid but for whatever reason I got the vibe it wasn't going to go down that night. She was there with a married girl from work and I think had some other friends there. She made it pretty clear she wanted to see me again but next weekend and asked me to take her number. Ok fair enough. She said first night out in like 2 years so I'm guessing she just busted some guys heart.

Late that night I sent:

me: What's going on gawjus. I just got home safe, guess your not a spy after all - Ice

her: haha nope. Not a secret spy (next afternoon)

me: Hmm the lady in red ends up being an agent tho 


Her: Haha well I don't always wear red

me: Doesn't matter anyways, you'd be a sensible one (meant to send these together but she replied just before I hit send. 10 minutes later..)

Me:  Those types of agents I like, maybe you don't always wear red but you looked phenomenal yesterday. Almost had to kidnap you 

me: How's the hangover treating you beb

her: Thanks :) and no hangover. I didn't drink that much. How's your hangover? 

Me: I didn't drink too much either :( 

me: but the lack of sleep hangover is brutal

her: go back to sleep!

me: I wish. I'm about to go drown my sorrows in a late brunch 

me: What trouble you getting up to today 

her: No trouble, just hanging out with some friends

me: Fun fun. Hope your surviving this snow storm Im about to go venture out there 

her: I didn't even realize it was snowing outside haha

me: haha I just found out the hard way

me: Make sure you got your stringed mitts and shit kicking boots if you go out 

Her: I will make sure I do that :p

10 hours later 

me: annnndd I survived 

her: yay!

me: Bed never felt better. But I'm going to have to rain check seeing you until spring time cuz I'm going into hibernation till then

her: I think I'll hibernate until then too 

me: Let's grab some berries and honey so we make it till then 

me: what's your sched like hun

Next day

me: thanks for ignoring me *side eye emoji*

 16 hours later 

her: I'm not ignoring you I'm just busy with work. My schedule this week is pretty full

Oops. Definitely fluffed up the last little bit. Pushed for the meetup a little hastily. I knew that wasn't great so I sent the ignoring me text. Her last text seems slightly frustrated but things still look fine.

i was think of sending something like "lol it's ok boo, just messing with you. Hope your kicking Mondays ass." It sounds kinda weak tho. I'm not going to get her out until the weekend so I gotta bridge for a couple days and set something up around thursday. Thoughts?

Joined: 01/18/2012
You wanted to be a bit more

You wanted to be a bit more challenging in the beginning there. This girl is noncommittal you've got to bolster her investment. Challenge her, tease her, etc. 


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