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Lay Report: Living free, enjoying life... and wild chicks who like nipple clamps, lol

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Alright, couple of things prior to this report. The following pull is a direct result of going through training. Prior to taking part I would not only not have attempted or been able to handle this stuff, but even the thought of attempting it might have given me anxiety, lol. There are a lot of techniques that I learned which are at play here, but the biggest thing at play is letting go and understanding that on this side, there are no rules, its our fucking game to play. 

Lay Report: 

Went out during the day on Saturday as there was the giant spring festival downtown that I talked about in the line above. I was pretty amazed upon walking in as there was an army of women everywhere having a good time and just chilling outside. This is definitely the first time since I have started this training that I have been in an environment like that. 

               Random side note on this. Literally my whole life walking into a place like this would have stifled the fuck out of me and I would have found a random post up corner and not moved from it / only talked to my friends the whole time. Walking in this weekend though I honestly felt this overwhelming excitement and I actually yelled “game fucking on motherfuckers” as loud as I could out of sheer enjoyment, lol. It’s a small detail, but I know that the mental rewiring is definitely starting to take hold. 

I went with two of my chode friends who don’t talk to anyone, so I let them know in advance that I was going to mingle and I would find them later. I went up to the bar area and posted up for some easy set opens and to build up some momentum (something I still do struggle with at times is reducing the time between sets). After a few random sets I found a bachelorette party and immediately approached and pretended to be security for the event  “ladies, I’m not here to ruin your fun but I’m going to need to see some id’s, I’m undercover security for the event”. They all looked at me in shock and I just held a straight face and kept running with it “lets hand them over, make it quick”. They all gave me there id’s and I just turned around and started walking away, lol. One of them screamed out “what the fuck is going on” at which point I turned around and started laughing. They all lost it as well as a bunch of people standing around me (we were in a huge crowd and a ton of people just stood there watching this). None of the women in the party were very attractive but they pretty much all loved me after this and I know I generated some serious social value with the crowd near me. 

About 10 mins later I casually look over my shoulder and notice these 2 hot ass girls that had been standing there and watched all of this go down. I opened them both with a simple “yo”, they both turned and this feisty ass one immediately flipped around and said “I’m not falling for that ID shit, nice try”. Without hesitation and with laser eye contact I fired back with “I only use stuff like that on the fun ones, not the girls in the corner discussing last night’s lifetime movie marathon and what ben and Jerrys flavor they like”. At this point she now turned totally towards me, she noticed that I am not some chump, and responded with “I don’t watch lifetime, I’m not that much of a loser” all with a smile. 

Side note here: I noticed something weird when opening this girl. She immediately tried to push me away and pretty much gave me the biggest defensive attitude of the day, but something inside of me kind of snapped and I knew that I had to make this women my fun for the day. I’m not sure if that is unhealthy ego or not, but it was there and it was strong.
After that I felt like I was at least at the social hook point with her so I dropped some of the back and forth and just went through some general convo (made sure to remain very dominant) with some slight emotional spikes here and there. I discussed how drivers in the south can’t drive in even an inch of snow and how the mayor of the city is going to name me snow commander next year so I can teach all of these nerds how to drive. I also went on a rant about how most of the greatest Americans of all time have preferred taco bell over any fast food chain (like myself) and that it was documented by Wikipedia. We had a really good vibe going and the physical escalation was also clicking. This is where the shit tests come in. 

After about 10 mins (I had moved her twice already) she hits me with “so what’s the plan here, you are just here to try and fuck me right”. I used the drills we had discussed and fired back with “I’m just here to find the perfect avocado”. She laughed but after a minute or two she got right back on the subject with way more shit. “eh, I don’t know, I think you are too small for me, I might break you.” (she is taller than I am by like a half inch, but aside from that I don’t even know where the hell that came from lol). I never directly answered her questions until eventually she came with “you wouldn’t even know the right way to fuck me”. At this point I needed to match her aggression with my own so I looked at her and said “who the hell says I even want to fuck you. With that bitchy little tude of yours all I’m going to do is bend you over and spank you, after that you can make me a sandwich”. She stopped for a second and then smiled and said “good answer”. We kept drinking for a while and she backed off with the shit tests. At this point I had now been there for like 8 hours and was pretty drunk, I knew I had to leave. I tell her we are leaving and I want her to make me some nachos and show me her Aladdin night light.

We get to her place and she wants to drink more, she ends up pouring us 2 more shots. I could not drink anymore after that so I grab her and lead her to her room, no resistance. As we are walking in she is already taking off her clothes so there wasn’t even a hint of LMR. She looks at me and says “so mr big tough guy, you still think you can teach me a lesson, I’d like to see you try.” Without hesitation I bent her over her bed and shoved my fingers in her, which she loved. I also had her over the bed and spanked her a few times (she was going wild for this), throughout the entire time I was in her ear telling her that she dressed like such a good girl at the event today, but I could tell by looking at her she was just naughty little bitch with a wet pussy who needed a fucking. She also really seemed to love this. After a few minutes of that I grabbed her and pulled her onto her knees and just shoved me dick right in her mouth. This girl literally blew me like some demon had possessed her body, it was amazing. After that she goes, open the top drawer. I open them to find these big ass nipple clamps (this was a first for me, lol). She is laying there now giving me this little innocent look, so without saying anything I grab them and put them on her, she is now going wild. Then….. Disaster strikes. 

              This girl is laying there all primed and ready, literally in a complete sexual spell that I have put her in, nipple clamps on, just waiting to be ravaged. My dick was literally totally limp. Now, to be fair, I had been drinking for like 10 hours and had just done a bunch of shots, so I can’t discredit that had something to do with it. However, ive had successful sex while drunk plenty of times so I know that I can overcome whiskey dick. Thinking back through this now I think I have figured out my issue. I was saying and doing the right things, but this is easily the most dominant girl I have ever approached and had sex with… not to mention the biggest freak I’ve seen as she had nipple clamps and all kind of crazy shit. I was completely turned on by all of this, but I also think a part of me was a total bitch and was scared.

She looks at me and goes “what the fuck is going on, you said you were going to fuck me all over my apartment and your dick won’t even work, this is pathetic”. Now, on one hand, she was right, I was not delivering. However, we have talked about how I need to stand up for myself and she crossed the line in my eyes. I responded with “hey, watch your fucking mouth,  ill fuck you when I’m good and ready”. I went back to fingering her more, which did make her cum. After about 10 minutes I got hard (not rock hard, which pisses me off, but hard enough). And I fucked her multiple times after this. Even during sex she needed me to just throw her around, be extremely dominant, etc. etc. At the slightest sign of me backing off or slowing down she would legit dig her nails into my back and basically taunt me “is that the best you’ve fucking got” blah blah. While I found all of this pretty exciting and also a lot of fun, there was also a part of me that did feel a bit of insecurity creeping in. I’ve never had a women take it to that level during sex, I’m glad I did and I know now I need to be able to handle that, but I do also think it exposed me to some insecurities I still have. There were times during this when my dick got semi soft, was able to kick save it, but it was definitely not perfect and not smooth sailing the entire time.  

At the end of it she definitely got off multiple times and I did to, we just laid there exhausted and for the first time there was no tension or back and forth, we just talked and chilled. Even in the morning she was strangely different, gave me a back rub, was all feminine and sweet, just total different from the hyper dominant crazy girl from the night before.

What I learned from all of this 

-Game isn’t perfect, there are a ton of lessons you need to learn along the way. How to handle situations, how to keep yourself in the zone, etc etc. As men, we are programmed with all that we need, we just need to have the ability to re-access that lost part of our genetics. If you think you’re just going to master every situation and THEN start doing it... thats just dumb. You have to have the game reps to help cement the lessons 

-You HAVE TO LET GO and just do it. All the drills, trainings, etc are amazing. However, when push comes to shove and you don’t have a coach looking over your shoulder, its up to you to do it for you. Make a scene, shit, get 100 people all to be stairing at you, who fucking cares. You’re not prey, you’re predator, its their job to watch you fucking hunt. 
-While pulling is obviously the end reward, its a liberating feeling in itself to finally be able to say / do whatever you want without worry. This is the way life was MEANT to be lived, not that prison that many of us have built for ourselves due to years of negative social stigma. Take the training and let fucking go. 

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Noice work man!!

Noice work man!! Very inspirational :) Great to see that your killing it.

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Thanks for sharing! It was an

Thanks for sharing! It was an enjoyable read.

I've found that l-arginine helps a LOT with getting and staying hard. It's an amino acid that helps blood flow to the penis. Ask the dude behind the counter at your local bodybuilding supplements store.

Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed) works great also. I've used both together, taken at least 30 mins before intercourse. Best on an empty stomach. You can get this on Amazon or maybe at your local health store if it is big enough.

As always, check with your doctor.

Also, cardio and staying away from shit foods will help.


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Yeah that's a good point

Yeah that's a good point about l-arginine I forgot about that stuff. But this was all mental. Nipple clamps? Don't let girls do things that auto-turn you off, they'll do it by accident constantly. 


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Yeah, I actually already take

Yeah, I actually already take that as part of a post workout drink. But yeah, I’m in great shape so that isn’t it haha, I was just in my own head a bit. Still worked out fine