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Yo whattup playaz, i hope yall are doing well

Personally i am about to graduate from university and am applying for a bunch of jobs. During my student time i've built up a nice social circle, so meeting girls has been easy. I still do cold approach every time i go out but i don't have to rely on it. I'm guessing i will start cold approaching a lot more if i move to a new city. I want to prepare for the "real world" and ask how you guys handled it

so here we go...

How do you build a social circle from scratch in a new city (in a non student setting)?

How often do you go out/how balance work with game?

What kind of challenges did you personally face and how did you handle them?

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What up broski, a few of

What up broski, a few of those questions I can help with as I have run into it recently myself.

-First peice of advice, don’t listen to any of your chode friends that try and say “it’s impossible to get laid after college”. I can say that confidently because I was that guy. I didn’t really even know how to get laid in college, so I relied on chicks essentially throwing themselves at me. It’s a skill set, if you listen to a lot of these guys on the board, take the coaching, and are dedicated as fvck, you will be a boss at any point in life 

-Be very careful with building a social circle. I relocated to a city about a year ago and made a ton of friends, unfortunately they were with the wrong type of people who either didn’t go out or are physically not capable of talking to girls. I have been working with MW to reverse this, but it takes time. A couple easy places for me to make friends have been the gym... you see the same people in there every day, make simple conversations and go from there. The pool, it’s a chill spot and everyone is relaxed and having a good time. The other is just force yourself to try new shit, take a local class, go to some kind of art display, etc. you make friends by putting yourself out there. That can be tough after college, but just do it