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This is an interaction happens between me and a member on my school forum. She is basically posting online to make friends. I decide to respond and see if I can get anything. She basically says, "message me if you are looking to makes friends like me"

M: me. G: girl

M: Let's just be friends. (This is supposed to be a joke.)


M:(cry smile)I saw your post about making friends.... And I suddenly wanted to troll a bit really bad.

G: How was that a troll?

M: I have a ladies man friend told me "lets just be friends" sets girls off

G: Your ladies friend sounds like boss

M: Yeah, too bad he is imaginary

G: You're killing it rn

M: Get rid of the "rn" maybe we can talk

G: Yea, we are done talking

M: Yeah, let's do something friendly when enjoying the awkward silence.

G: U can buy my nudes.

M: If you are a cop trying to find stalkers, you are failling. badly

G: Goodbye. I hope u get better at talking to girls.

M: I am really bad at buying nudes. I am truly deeply sorry for my inexperience and chodiness.

G: Ugh this is hard to read (cry smile), bye

M: Yeah, what else would you expect from a troller (cry smile) If this convo cause any discomfort, that is me trolling. Otherwise, please seek professional help.

G: You're not funny.

M: Yeah, I am really shy.

A couple things I can think of when I am typing this down. I lost my patience after "nudes" part. I forgot to add emoji when teasing and that could hurt a bit I guess.

Another thing is that she seems to respond very well to negs. Even she was clearly pissed off in the second part of messaging, she just kept replying my message until I said "Yeah, I am really shy". This is the first time I did not act mean in the whole convo and she stopped replying.

there are cringing mistakes in my convo, please ignore it. typing on a cellphone is kind harsh.


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Hmm yeah you should just stop

Hmm yeah you should just stop for now. We'll pick this back up later. This is the sort of convo that makes all women nervous. Lol 


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