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Hey, what are people's thoughts on living with other pickup dudes. A mate of mine who does this shit just had a room open up at his house that he's offered to me. I get along really well with him and have other stuff in common besides approaching girls, but not sure if living with him and another pickup guy will be bad for my overall lifestyle. I don't want to become some weirdo who only talks about and does pickup. Has anyone done this before, and if so how did you find it?

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Man it is very spotty. As you

Man it is definitely spotty. As you can tell from my "Sociopath" article one bad apple can fuck up a lot of stuff. If I were you I'd go over there a couple nights and kick it with them and also head out with them, just you three and see what it's like. Believe me a good duo or a good trio is an AMAZING jewel to find.. but if you've got some "pua ego's" in the mix it can turn miserable. 


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Are they some cool players or

Are they some cool players or are they some weird PUA guys that will try to steal your girls to up their lay count...If they're cool and the price is good i'd move in.

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Yeah the main guy I've know

Yeah the main guy I've know for 2 years and he's a good mate. I really doubt he'd try to steal chicks. I've been winging with this dude solidly for a few months now too. Dont know the other guy too well though. So I'll suss it out, hang with them and see. It would defintely help motivate me to go out even more and of course they would be super understanding to me pulling chicks back late at night where as random room mates might get shitty. But then maybe I'm better off living with others. It check it out and see. Cheers for the help guys!

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Pick guys can be really

Pick guys can be really weird. I prefer guys that are good with girls, but don't know about pick up, like good-looking guys for example. They have no ego around girls most of the time and it's the key to real natural-ism.