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I've been in Chicago the last week visiting a client. My hotel is in a super-hip area called "River North"...basically has all the qualities a neighborhood needs to attract young, hot, fit girls -- yoga studios, fancy restaurants, juice bars, Starbucks on every corner and last but by no means least a Whole Foods lol.

Been doing some daytime approaches but mostly in stores and shops. I've noticed, however, walking outside on the street, I'll occasionally lock eyes with a girl, pretty hot ones too. Sometimes I'll look at them first then they will look back, but other times I'll notice they're already looking at me. I don't really consider myself a great looking guy (just average), so the "chode" part of my brain (yes there's still remnants) dismisses it. Yet from all my years in game I also know there could be an opportunity here...sorta got a cognitive dissonance thing goin on.

This happens really fast, and my instinct is to look away first (bad, yes, I know this is very bad). Next time I'm here (this doesn't happen much back in Vegas), I'm going to make a concerted effort to hold contact and smile, and even turn around and approach them. Not sure what will happen but just doing what I'm doing not going to cut it.

Wondering if any guys here have some experience/stories with this sort of thing?

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Approach. See what happens!

Approach. See what happens! Don't be so meak. Doesn't matter if you look like shit. If she gave you "the eye", she likes you, duh!