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Looking for some help on chick I met in ice cream shop

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Hey guys, am sort of a noob and looking for some direction or specific advice with this chick. Here's a brief description of what happened.

I walked into this D'lites ice cream place to buy some of their frozen pints for my freezer (they are 200 cal per pint).  There was only one girl behind the counter and nobody else in the store, she had her head phones in and took them off when I waslked in. I chatter her up for a little while while she was ringing me up for ice cream and then we kept going for a while after. We had a pretty good back and fourth going it was def a two way conversation. And she asking me questions, making excuses for why she looked tired, and telling me some pretty intimate stuff about her friends so it seemed like she was interested. Eventually I said something about how I could eat a whole pint of the ice cream and she was like omg me too, I could really. So I said not faster than me. And she was like I bet I could. Then we made this serious kind of eye contact like it was on and she like smiled at me in a seductive way. I felt like I should’ve just went behind the counter to start making out with her then and there but didn’t do it. Instead, I pulled out my phone after a few seconds of that nice eye contact and told her she should give me her number. She seemed like disappointed and I didn’t really get it. I could tell something was wrong and I was right...when I called her number her phone didn’t ring because the last digit was off. She gave me the correct one and this time I went around the counter when I called so I could look at her phone and see the call coming in. I told her I was going to just check her phone info and take her number from there. While I was doing that I said to her that we should just make out in the back right now. She said no, but it wasn't a resounding no and it sounded like there'd be some possibility of it going down if only I had mastered manwhores skill set. So I said, ‘why there is no one here’ and she was like yea but there are cameras.’ Anyway the vibe seemed to get a little better and I gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek and left. A little later I texted her… “Brookville girl not gonna lie gonna be thinking about bending you over an ice cream machine, on camera.”  She still hasn’t answered.  Not sure what I should do, it wouldn't be right for this to end with out me inside this girl. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks guys. 

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Use any excuse for further

Use any excuse for further logistical compliance. YOU may be the one taking the risks but you ALWAYS spot the possibilities. "Cameras? Alright! I fucking love cameras. Where are they show me so when I come back and rob this place I can avoid them."


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Joined: 04/02/2015
MW that is great advice wow.

MW that is great advice wow. and Kimnasty I know hah. Should I send her another text?  Also, do you guys think I shouldnt have expected a response from this one. jw