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Any funny losing your virginity stories out there? 

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I know there's at least a few

I know there's at least a few on here lol. A student and I pulled two girls back to our hotel room and he lost his virginity on the bed right next to me while I was busy with the other girl ;)  


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I was an insecure 16 or 17

I was an insecure 16 or 17 year old who didnt know shit about girls lol. And even so i managed to pull the hottest girl in town lol :)

First i invited her and her friend for some drinks at a bar and then we went to my cousins apartment. We smoked some weed and then then i took her to the room and my friend took his girl to another room. Just as i was undressing her and things were getting heated my cousin called and said she was coming and that i HAVE to leave instantly...So we hit the club and got drunk as fuck. At some point she dissapeared and i called her like 10 times on the phone and she finally came over. At this point I was high as shiite and not even used to it.

I had problems getting it up at first but it was still magic lol. Very good chemistry and that ass is still the best i've seen.

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Hmm broke into a building

Hmm broke into a building hallway, fucked her there, got caught, later on got locked into the hallway, my sister showed up and realised i fucked her friend, we had to call police to open the door but luckily an angry lady who lived in the apartment building unlocked the hallway door - i guess police called her instead of showing up themselves.... When i tried to stick my dick in her i had some trouble finding the hole and she said "That's my ass" lol.