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This is an opener I used to use a while ago until I started finding it stale. I'm bringing it back out ever since tinder got rid of moments. i really think they fucked up there, made the app much more useless. either way. here is a text convo that led directly to sexting, me getting pictures of her 18 year old f cup bewbs, and then her coming over the next night. we were both super horny by the time she got there and i had her cloths off within minutes of her coming over.

me: gawd you look cute! I bet your a loud chewer tho, dont think I could handle that

her: i really am its the reason im on tinder none of my past relationships could stand it 

two days me: ohh no. no christmas cookies for you beb

her: but i need cookies

me: well then.. maybe i could spare a few if you're good

her: damn it i have to be good?

me: mm you wanted to be bad huh ;)

her: well yeah obviously

me: that can be arranged too after i come steal you from your stable

her: wouldnt you rather i be naughty?

me: plz tell me your not busy over the whole break

her: lmao family shit till the 27th

me: ugh your the worst

me: cause that sounds so much more exiciting *eyeroll*

her: ahah well when are you free

her: i thought so ;)

me: if you dont have an aunt sleeping in your room id come sneak you out tnight

me: other than that i only got fam stuff the 25/26

me: im just heading out to a going away party now, text me your number beb 555-5555

her: hey sexy

me: hey cookie slave

her: lol cookie slave?

me: :) aha hows your tea party tnight

her: lol boring sorry i just literally fell asleep on the couch

me: classic fam jam. im just heading home now

her: haha how was it

me: fun, not too big but good crowd


me: are you back on teh couch now listening to old ppl talk lmao

her: lol thats mean! im totally an active part of the convo

me: haha im sure im just jking beb

me: what sweet stuff did you get today

me: anything sexy

her: lol didnt have anyone to buy me sexy stuff

me: hmm too naughty huh just coal

me: its ok xxx ill give you some sexy stuff

her: aha oh yeah? ill have to repay you somehow then

me: i could think of a few ways

her: tell me

me: id love to slide down your chimney and pin your lil body against a wall then tell you

me: one involves leftover christmas cookies

her: fuck i can't wait *kiss*

me: ugh. me neither, hope your holiday wknd isnt going to long

me: unless you really wanna make santa upset *cover mouth emoji*

her: well i have been naughty and should be punished 

me: if you want to add sneaking out on your list im sure i can oblige 

her: lol tomm night i wont have to sneak out

me: hm that does sound a littl ebetter so were not rushed. but you are super close so i think your goig to have to take another spanking if i get any more misbehaviour

her: now your just tempting my bad side

me: lmao any girl who can ride a horse like that has a side that likes to sneak out lol

her: ahaha you just have to wait

she snap chatted me her boobs and we sexted a bit, before she brought them over the next night. shes a 18 year old bartender/med student with a super slim fit body and needs a breast reduction. she lives super close but is going back to school soon so we've made it a mission to have as much sex as possible over the next few days

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Well done lol 

Well done lol 


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This is sweet #boners

This is sweet #boners

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Fuckin sweet, jelly as well

Fuckin sweet, jelly as well

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