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LR: 20yr old from PoF--Persistence and non-reaction

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This chick messaged me on PoF.  She has a hidden profile so there was no way for me to contact her first.  I disqualified her right away telling her that most girls her age are immature and I can't deal with their shit and asking her if she's chill.  She replied that she's only ever been with older men.  Ok good. 

Meeting up was a challenge because she was super aloof in texting and apparently had had some bad experiences in the past with creepers so she was hesistant.  

I found some crappy diner downtown that has a liquor license and went with it.  She was late.  I gave her shit.  She was playing with her phone and I gave her shit.  It was non-stop little tests from her second message on PoF until I lead her up the stairs days later. 

She had come across older guys who would get butthurt when she would shut them down, make fun of them, deny their attempt at a kiss, or get annoyed when she didn't let them touch her boobs, etc. 

Unlike any other girl I've ever come across she was testing me at every step of the way to see if I would lose my cool or resort to passive-aggressive behavior or pouting. 

At the diner the first night she had coffee and I had a few cocktails.  I then decided to walk around the city.  Her body language was very closed and distant.  The only thing that gave me a clue that she was into me were her eyes and the fact that she didn't leave.  I walked her to a park and then had her take my arm old fashioned style.  Then 15mins later I took her hand.  Then a half hour later I spun her around and started impromptu dancing in the center of the park. 

This was the SLOWEST escalation of my life.  But every time I would get in proximity to do anything she would lean back, step back, turn her head, etc. 

She said she was gonna take the train home and I knew it was over if that happened.  I pushed her a bit to find out where she was staying and then "convinced" her to let me drive her to her friend's house. 

When we get there the friend isn't home and she invites me in "for tea."  Its 1am and I'm like whatever I have to do this.  Finally after an hour of this chess game I get in position to kiss her.  I can tell she likes it but then she backs off immediately.  This would become a pattern with her.  She kisses me back with passion and then just lets her tongue die waiting to see if I'll get mad. 

The house was fucking freezing cold because her friend doesn't turn the heat on so it was legit in the 40s inside the house.  So I couldn't get an article of clothing off without her freaking out about the cold.  The bedrooms upstairs were all locked.  Ended up leaving at 4am with some kissing and heavy petting but not so much as a nipple in my mouth or finger in her vadge. 

Got her out again last night.  She wanted to go walking in the city.  I took a water bottle full of wine and drove down to the river.  I stopped at different places to make out but each time she let it die and tried to make me lose my cool. 

Tonight was warmer so when I got her back to the same friend's house with no heat it was easier simply because it wasn't freezing inside.  It took me pressing her up against the counter and pushing my boner into while reaching under her sweater and pulling her tits out for her to finally feel her start to become turned on.  She refused to put her hand anywhere near my crotch so finally I just pulled him out and pressed him into her until she reached down. 

There was a bunch more of this back and forth until she finally says "we can't, I don't want anyone to see us."  At some point she had told me she got the key to her friend's bedroom.  A light went off in my head.  I basically pulled and pushed her upstairs.  Her mouth and body language said No, but the look in her eyes was begging me to make it happen. 

Once we were in the room I turned the lights off and the clothes came off too.  Turns out she's an incredibly sensual/sexual woman.  Her afterwards was like night and day compared to before.  Warm, sweet, eager to please, no more cold aloofness.  She was complaning when I left because she wanted a third round but for fucks sake it was 330am..

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Haha awesome man. Fucking

Haha awesome man. Fucking awesome. You stepped up in key big moments that let her know you aren't a pussy but also aren't some sex-deprived weirdo who gets angry easily.

I don't want to sound patronizing to women but I think it's hella cute that girls put up these "tests". Like in my head it's like "haha, that's cute, but the writing is on the wall.

Girl i banged recently was VERY VERY cold like this when i was escalating. As far as my actions I kinda just try to hit them with positivity, humor, mixed w/some seriousness. like i'd laugh, tease her about her awkwardness, "i don't bite i nibble" then playfully wrestle/bite an exposed area of hers. [neck, arm, etc]. sometimes i'll tickle her too and stuff and just have fun with it. found that's really useful to create 'windows' on high notes to escalate. i don't like using the term windows tho cuz that sounds very manipulative, generally i'm doing this because my mindset is to have fun and i understand that she's just a scared little kitty/testing. 

but relating back to this report it's awesome cuz i imagine you brought the same level of chill/fun w/this girl but she seemed to have required a firmer touch in certain key moments which you could obviously read into based on how aloof she was throughout the earlier stages. well done. 

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Great write up Archangel.

Great write up Archangel. Btw. generalisation... : she could be Russian or Eastern European according to the behaviours..

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Self Amused wrote: Great

Self Amused wrote:
Great write up Archangel. Btw. generalisation... : she could be Russian or Eastern European according to the behaviours..

Hahaha holy shit! She's da fack can you tell

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I live in Europe mate ;)

I live in Europe mate ;) there are often some cultural adjustments you may need to make depending where the girl is from.. It is a great step to discover their blueprint.

I like these girls btw., so feminine...

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Yeah the younger ones have

Yeah the younger ones have been much more challenging in terms of physical escalation. The solution may just be time plus calm persistence.

These girls don't drink much around me. Sometimes they literally have ONE drink and that's it don't budge. Dont care if I have 2 more. I dont blaze but maybe I should since its a panty dropper for some.

But the really weird thing the younger ones do is just cut off the escalation with a look like "aawww..that's cute." And I know what I'm doing too. Its like they are in complete control of their own arousal and also know they're in control of the whole interaction. This happens after I've lead, changed venues, danced/twirled/manhandled them, told stories, connected with them, etc.

The older girls 25+ will protest about how they cant sleep with me tonight meanwhile their breathing has changed completely, they've sprung a leak, and you can smell their pussy through their jeans. They know they're gonna give in.

Is there anything in particular I should try with the younger ones? I'm getting somewhat frustrated because this Polish girl was the only one of the younger who I got back out a second time. Its like if I dont fuck them the first date there won't be a 2nd.

Overall, their texting frequency is highest immediately following a good date, but then it drops off over the next few days and is almost nada after a week. BUT they're resistant to meeting up in the few days after or just plain busy.

Any suggestions gentlemen?

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Congratulations by the way.

Congratulations by the way. Old you would not have been up for this 


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Manwhore wrote:
Congratulations by the way. Old you would not have been up for this 

Thank you