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LR: Albanian Virgin through Instagram gets WRECKED

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The next chick I set up a date up with started out in the most interesting way for me yet. She found me through my food instagram and I just dmed her and we hit it off from there. She was eating everything I said up. Going off calling me a smooth talker n what not. Eventually I seed the meet up and she is very down. I am not investing that much throughout the convo, there were even times where I blatantly try to end the convo cause I am busy doing something else, and she would try to reengage. She was down to meet up.
I go to meet up with this chick at a pool hall. This was a moment I realized how important text game can be. This is because the comfort she already experienced from texting carried so much momentum with it. She already had this image of me in her head. She already knew I was a cool confident mother fucker, and she was getting real lucky. We go in and we grab a table. We are about to play and she says she doesn't know how to shoot. So I get up behind her and show her, and make sure she knows im nice n close to her ;p. I am playing the game with her and touch her when I was close and move away and focus back on the game, whilst teasing and qualifying. I notice how she stares at me intently as I concentrate on shooting. There is something really sexy about when a girl is watching you while you give her nothing. There is a feeling that she is yours. We come to a conclusion that who ever loses pay for pizza after. She starts getting more competitive and laying her body on me while whispering in my ear "miss". It didn't work though :p. 
I end up beating her and we go grab pizza, I seed bringing her back to my place by saying "Its pretty nasty outside to eat this food (since its more of an outdoor place), lets go back by me and Ill show you all my pics for insta". She agrees with no resistance. We get to the pizza spot and she grabs an ENTIRE pie. No joke this was a lot of pizza, this chick didn't care lolz. 
I drive with her back to my place, and when we get close to my spot I notice she starts throwing some shit tests at me about going back by me, like "oh I didnt know we were coming here" and other things along those lines. I would respond in a happy go lucky way that this was exactly what she agreed to. No more of that after that.
We walk inside and we grab a slice each and I set up netflix. We finish eating it and I grab her and she is wrapped around me. As Mike would say "Shes a spinner" HAHA. I hook up with her a bit and move her around cause she is so damn light. Then go back to the movie and watch it for a bit. I would go back and forth doing this with increments of me then pulling up her shirt, then back to the movie. Then introducing my cock and making her grab it, then back to the movie. I stand her up and i am behind her, I am rubbing her whole body and moving my hand between her legs, and i make her grab my cock. She is about to say something, sounds like "I have to tell you something", and she gets pretty hot and stops talking. Then I just picked her up and walked her to my room. Dropped her on my bed, and started really escalating hard. I whipped out my cock and said "suck it", and she said "she isnt ready for that" or that "now isnt the time". She then finishes what she was saying earlier that she is a virgin. I go and say something along the lines that Ill take your virginity over and over again, cause I dont really believe her. She kinda likes that so I go to escalate on her again. I am met with more resistance. She then tells me she had never even sucked a cock before. I am going at her for a couple minutes and left with more resistance from her. I step back allow myself to be more conscious, not to be outcome dependent. I relax. We are left at a stalemate. I continue to hang with her afterwards and she tells me about that she didnt choose to be a virgin and that she has a hard time trusting guys cause she is Albanian, and I can understand where she is coming from. Those dudes are extremely aggresive and can be creeps. I believe I am a breath of fresh air for her to be around, since albanians usually stick to their own kind. I eventually drive her to the bus stop and drop her off. 

This first part is originally part of a write up I did for MW. He flipped a shit on me cause my problem was I would 'flinch' and not stay grounded. Towards the end he ended up verbally ripping me a new asshole. So I went back to some of MW's articles on escalation, and read through what I was doing wrong. 
I make plans with her again for the following weekend. She is still very receptive of me texting her and even calls me.

So the original plans were to go see a movie cause I was feeling like going to a movie theater, but then I was like..this is lame way to meet up. So I changed the plans saying "Im not feeling these movies that are out, Ill grab a bootleg and surprise you". She says she hates surprises and I tell her she is going to have to be patient.
She takes a bus over to brooklyn, then I pick her up. She has a box full of pastries for me. She says its for my birthday coming up. I give her a kiss and thank her. I drive her back to my crib and I am giddy to find out what she brought. I try all the cakes and pastries and she is eating it up that I am enjoying it. I grab her and take her to my couch and I start the movie. This is where a change in my escalation occurs. Instead of before, where my mind set was that I am taking something from her, I flipped the script on it and realized that 'I am the prize' and she has to work for this ferrari of a cock. I would make some moves on her and place her hand on my cock. She would stroke and get into it, and then I would push her head down. She would then say 'not yet', and I say something like 'what are you waiting for?', she would say 'i dont know', so I just reply 'ok its cool if you dont want it well you missed your chance' while I put it back away. The idea of me saying and doing this made me much more independent of the outcome. Next time I go for the escalation, and I push her head to go down, she stops me, grabs my hand, and walks me to my bed room. I start to rip off my clothes and she starts going to town on my cock. I am getting really hot and I go to finger her, she goes to stop me with token resistance, I grab her hand with my other free hand and pin it down while I slide my finger inside of her wet pussy. She relaxes with a sigh. Soon after fingering her for a bit I undress her and put on a condom. I go to enter her, she is feeling pain right after I enter my head. This girl wasn't kidding about being a VIRGIN. I warmed her up to it a bit, but it was still difficult. I just go to her 'there is more dick where that came from', and she gets these bugs eyes. After a little while it becomes to much for her. She tells me she has never seen cum before, I go 'oh yea, well you're in for a treat', as I finish all over her chest. After she cleans off we chill for a bit before I drop her off at the bus stop.

This girl has been hitting me up a lot and I don't want to set a precedent that we are going to be boyfriend and girlfriend, especially since I took her virginity. Any thoughts you guys could share?

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If you don't want to get

If you don't want to get stuck in the boyfriend frame you can put yourself in that funky "lover of women" role. Let her know that you see girls and you like girls so much - then let her know, her too. This is just not a boyfriend kind of person, but neither are you out to deceive chicks or play with their emotions.

If you want to send her off with good vibes, you can be like: when your with me your my main girl. (Don't let any pity sink it, she will feel that and feel used or some kind of negative). What this does, it let's her know you adore her, but also that your naturally a womanizer. That's your reality. If she is curious about you, I feel like she will accept this reality and continue to like you alot, and look at other guys (free you from the responsibility of boyfriend)

If she is not so curious about you, or insecure, she may get offended - stick to your guns and she will come around... or not. But she won't feel cheated though.

Lmk if this idea seems/comes flawed. I feel it, and let girls know, and they respect it. I appreciate that